Commissions Open! 3 Sale Slots! by Caelan

Hey guys! I just got back from my trip, so with that out of the way, I am finally opening up for commissions!

Pricing can be found on my main page!

To kick things off, I am offering a special at this level for $15, with 3 open slots!

  1. Rory [Finished]
  2. Blackwolf

Everything I have listed at present is assumed to be digital art, but I am perfectly happy to give you an estimate on traditional pieces as well! I am also available for adult commissions for the first time ever, the pricing for which is available upon request.

Thanks guys! I am really trying to get the freelance thing going- I would love to be able to have this as a something sustainable in time. I am trying to be able to afford going to a couple of art events in the coming year which will allow me to grow my illustration career, so anything helps me to do more art- and gets you your own personal work in the process!

Commissions Open! 3 Sale Slots!


22 March 2014 at 22:43:33 MDT

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    Discovered you from over on the Weasyl forums; gotta say I love your name, I have an old character named Caelyn which is pretty close! That's pretty nice and fair for $15. Have you ever done any sort of big cats (tigers, lions, etc)?

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      Ha, thanks! I'm pretty fond of it myself.
      I have done big cats- I draw a lot of animals and creatures in general, so I'm comfortable with anatomy of all sorts. The cats I've done in the past year have all been for work (as in my employer rather than my personal work), so I'm not allowed to post those examples unfortunately. But yes, I would be happy to draw felines!

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        Aw, I wish I could see an example, but I understand. How much of a background would you be willing to put into one of these? Like, just a simple beach or a dock or something? I've been trying to think of something to have you do, but I'm just drawing blanks across the board. Do you have any particular preferences?

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          Usually with these I just brush in some colors to give a sense of depth and atmosphere/mood, kind of like in this painting, but if you'd like a background I'd be happy to add one in for a small upcharge, probably $7 or so? Something like a beach or a dock would be just fine for that, any sort of natural environment is usually enjoyable for me to work with :)

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          If you're still having trouble thinking of something, though, I can always just do one of those atmospheric backgrounds! Here's one I did for someone earlier this evening, as an example. I'm happy to do it with a background too if that's what you prefer, though! Usually if you give me some general idea of the character I can come up with something.

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            I apologize, I took a couple of day's break from Weasyl and neglected to reply, I'm not usually that low on the ball. At least, I did sort of come up with something potentially interesting that maybe you could pull off, as you seem to be pretty good with dynamic poses! I noticed you put up a few more anthro sketch examples, which was quite helpful. I do have this otter character, although he's a bit more on the toon-ish side of things than realistic.


            Anyway, that's my otter, Mar. I'm really into this particular frighting game called Blazblue, and this one guy named Terumi.


            Aaand I thought it might be kinda cool to have Mar cosplay like him. The characters have alternate color palettes for the clothes, so you could go with something more matching, but yeah. Just an idea that I finally had! Feel free to tell me you're not interested, I just figured I'd give you the first crack.

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              No worries! Glad to hear back :)

              Sure, that sounds like fun! Are you still interested in adding a background on or should I just fill in some suitable atmosphere like in the example images?

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                Atmosphere is fine by me (I'd prefer something kinda vibrant), and I'm glad you like the idea. :) And just to be a bit more specific (since his coloring varies a bit by piece), the first two in the mini-gallery are the most accurate overall representations, with the eyes of the third being closest; the white neck gets missed often. Otherwise, let me know if you'd like payment upfront or however you'd like to do it!

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                  Sounds good! And yes, up front is prefered :) My paypal is Thanks! I'll probably have that for you this evening or the next.

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                    Payment sent. See, I can be on the ball! :P I'm excited, thank you for being prompt and patient with me.

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                      Here you go! Let me know if any changes are needed!

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                        Haha, wow, that's pretty epic! Definitely worth the $15. I have no complaints, you captured both characters and just what I wanted perfectly, thank you! You can send it along to my Paypal e-mail, that'd be fantastic.

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                          Thanks! I'm glad you like :) I'll send off that email!

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                      (Also, I can provide the full res-- Just give me an email address and I'll send it your way!)