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dream watch by Blaze

°^° Its taking over my mind so ill finally just tell it out. U_U I'm on that dream watch though I haven't really dreamt of anything for the last few weeks. This one was a bit weird to me so READ.

It's scary when your falling from the sky... feeling as if you where about to drop to your death, when below you is a black ocean... it's not a peaceful feeling at all...
Everything around me seemed so dark... so cold... I couldn't stop thinking of all the negative things that have happened in the past, though I know it's gone. I shouldn't have feeling on what's not there anymore... because it's not really me... I was falling but I could tell there was water below me because of the noise and smell. I could have sworn I hit the water, though I soon noticed I didn't... I was picked up like once before... but that was in a different dream... it was the same dragon, yes. He swiftly and delicately flew over the dark black water... I could only see but so much of the dragon though... there was a few cuts here and there... and I could see he wasn't happy... or at least not in a good mood... these little odd creature like things (i don't really exactly know what they look like because they where blurry) started appearing on the dragon sides. I couldn't tell if they where harming or hurting him but soon... the dragon just gave out.. he crashed into the black water still holding on to me. The black water was hot... very hot... I could breathe though... it was quiet strange to me... I couldn't scream... something wouldn't let me... I couldn't move.... blink... or think right... after awhile everything went black... and I woke up thinking I wasn't dreaming anymore... I noticed I was still dreaming do to seeing the dragon was in front of me. His golden eyes seemed rather sad... as he pressed his face up against me. It was very weird because all I could hear in my mind was "stay" and "please don't go" in all these different voices... all at the same time but in whispers... like whispers in the wind... all I could remember after this was me hugging the dragons face... I was covered in the blood from his face though...

:/ I woke up after this so sorry... I can't go on. D,: it was pretty weird for me because when I woke up I was on the floor XD I don't even know how I got there and I would have woken up because I was on my face. T^T WHY MEH?????????!?!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

dream watch


22 March 2014 at 11:55:08 MDT

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    OH YEAH AND MY AUNT CANT TAKE ME TO HER HOUSE!!!!! XDDDDDDDDDDDDD YESH!!!! :3 ill be starting on my trades soon