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Hello, Setting Up. by Wishn

Hello. I am Wishn, also known as MagicLocket.

I will be submitting what I have in my folders here as well to newly finished things. For things like my queue I think having one place for that list is easier for me to maintain as I have made the mistake trying multiple places before and thus forgetting deadlines of others I mistaken not to list on one list or another. So for the better am keeping it to one website and will like everywhere that one. Hope this is okay.

My commissions are always open but I will let you know in advance when to expect completion and if I will be able to make your requested deadline or not. I am working on my current queue and the ones already there are my priority to finish I am making progress with it although slow. I usually work with my friend Renge as you will soon see in some submissions but Renge has been away for sometime so I have been left on my own so I do apologize for my slowness.

I have hat and drawings to do but I am waiting on the receiver so they are at a pause.

Will be posting drawing and sewing work. I hope you like what I have to show.

Hello, Setting Up.


22 March 2014 at 01:29:06 MDT

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    Welcome! :D I just joined today as well!

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      Ah hello hello to you too then! :D