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I am closed, for anything and everything. I have had a long talk with my mother, who has pointed out to me that my attempts to hide the fact that I am an unsuccessful artist were not effective. I am not, I am a hobbyist, I do not have any form of a successful business. I was supposed to try and make 50$ a month, and have failed at that. I have been attempting to get a job since I moved to Arizona, and have failed at that too.

Tomorrow I will be going to see about the Art Institute of Phoenix. And I can only hope that I will be accepted, as I have graduated with my G.E.D, not my high-school diploma. You will probably being seeing less, and less art from me all together, and I hope I'll be able to come back from this all when I have a job.

I am now on an art Hiatus, and will be absent from any, and all websites, other than possible comments, or replies. I will be focused on getting a job or two to try and support myself, and get a place of my own.



21 March 2014 at 15:03:21 MDT

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    I do hope that you'll be getting a job, those are important after all. However, please don't let yourself be talked down by your mother. I don't think you're an unsuccesfull artist at all. I really do wish you the best of luck at the Art Institute, that'd be downright amazing. Your art is lovely and dynamic, keep on going strong <3

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    Aw dude, don't be too discouraged! I went for years like that and sunk lots of money into it from other jobs before I finally started making money producing art. I had to step back from what I thought I knew, and really look at the business of it instead of the art before I made enough to even break even on the cost of making the art in the first place. If you keep at it, and you aren't afraid to change the way you think about what you are doing, then eventually you will make some progress, and it'll all feel worth it. <3

    YOUR MOM THOUGH. Honestly, I have wasted a lot of time and energy trying to convince my mom that what I do is worthwhile, and she will never see it that way. Even though I can show, on paper, that I have made more money on art than I have doing anything else my whole life, and I get asked to go present and speak at business meets and I give advice to business owners all over the place, she still regularly suggests that I get a "real job". Sometimes, it's just not worth it. You have to accept that some people will never take it seriously no matter how hard you work and how much you accomplish, and then you resolve to ignore those people completely and focus on what you really want to do with your life.

    Do what you've got to do to survive now, but don't lose sight of your long term goals. Do your best to make the time for them, even if sometimes it feels like you will never get there... There is always a way. It just might not be what you expected.