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Moving On Into Spring by Term

Hey everyone!

Well we've finally had the first day of Spring and it couldn't come soon enough as far as I'm concerned. I've been in a bit of a funk lately, not because there's been anything wrong in particular, but more along the lines of the fact that I've been mostly staying in the house due to weather and the fact that work had slowed down considerably for me, as it usually does at this time of year based mostly on what I do for a living. I'm in that weird portion of time when college basketball is in the national tournament mode which I don't cover, hockey is winding down, there's no football, basketball is meh, and baseball hasn't started yet. So there hasn't exactly been a whole lot for me to do recently unfortunately. I was lucky we had a few hockey games this week at the arena I was able to work on, but I won't be able to count on that in the next couple of week.

Luckily, baseball's regular season is less than two weeks away and the TV station I work for will be moving into overdrive, running multiple crews on most days to cover our normal late-afternoon shows and then pre- and post-game for one of the area's teams. Plus the NFL Draft is coming soon which will promise more work and with the weather getting better, on my days off I will likely be able to go and caddy to make some extra scratch, nevermind the couple of jobs I might get through my personal business. So all-in-all things are looking up.

Which is nice considering that I'm planning on moving to a new place soon. Nothing wrong with the current one, but I feel like the place I have in mind will better suit my needs, specifically my need to be home before 6 AM on most days I work in NYC, haha. As I mentioned previously, I usually have to wait around well after my co-workers are dismissed from work for the trains to start running again out of Penn Station. If I get this new place I'll be able to catch a bus instead, and those run much later than the trains. I estimate that I'd be getting home at around 3:15 AM which is a pretty significant difference, needless to say. I'd still be close enough to my beloved Jersey Shore to go visit from time-to-time without having to make a day of it, and I'll be able to have a bit more room to live in than I do now. So I'd call it a win-win.

So, question for my followers, would any of you be interested in some basic production tutorials? I've been running the idea through my head more than once to show my rig, give examples of how to light a basic one-on-one interview, and so forth. I'm curious if there'd be any interest in it, if nothing else than to give a bit of perspective into the kind of stuff I do for a living.

On that note, in the shameless plugging department, my good friend and I are experimenting in trying to do some Let's Play videos. We tried once in college but due to limited equipment we didn't really go anywhere with them. We've recently tried again, making two parts with more planned of a playthrough of the classic Pokemon Silver for the GameBoy Color. If you'd like to take a peak and possibly give some critique into our performance, follow the below links:

Part 1 And Part 2

That's all for now!

Moving On Into Spring


21 March 2014 at 11:47:58 MDT

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