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Hi anyone. :3 I've been offline a lot and pretty out-of-touch, and so I wanted to drop a line to those who are curious about how I'm doing. Look out it's rambly!

I've been house sitting for a family friend over the past few weeks. I've taken this opportunity to woodshed like crazy since there isn't much to do except chores, hang out with Ayato, and take care of the animals (chickens and cats). I've been practicing guitar -- a lot. I don't recall ever feeling more focused on developing my skill on an instrument to this degree. The feeling of focus, it's a wonderful feeling, one that I haven't had very often in my past. I'm finally actually giving myself the excuse to feel "focused" on something that I actually want to do, without letting anxiety creep in and drive my decision making.

I've been running the Frank Gambale chop builder video, you can find snippets of it on youtube. It's super challenging and worth spending some time with.

I decided to go back to school this spring quarter, which starts in a couple weeks. That decision has helped me make better use of my time, because I know that I'll be learning programming/game design things in just a couple weeks. So since that's on its way, I've been able to just sent aside my apprehensions about practicing, set aside the desire to write songs, and just hunker down and work on my technique. It's been a very welcome experience. I feel like my technique is keeping my music stuck inside my head, and being able to play better will help me unlock my musicality and let it out with less effort.

I want to keep some form of regimentation in music as I go forward with school, because the feeling of having played so much guitar is already starting to make some very minor but welcome improvements in my playing. It's kind of addictive! And I'm feeling very excited about my music in general as a result of just seeing the little improvements from day to day.

I'm actually feeling optimistic! Wow :V

I've also been playing through all of the Wario Land games, and I'm surprised how much I've enjoyed that series! I've finished Wario Land 1-3, now I"m moving on to Wario Land 4, and picking up a little Wario Ware on the side. :D

Update & Mind Dump Rant


18 March 2014 at 20:02:40 MDT

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    ye boy
    That's real good. I have a friend, topolis topolis who lives in Seattle who is ALSO doing Game Design(though I think hers is more towards the art assets part), and she seems to think it's good so far :u

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      Thanks for pointing her out to me, I want to interact with more game design type people more regularly. :3

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    Sounds like you're in some good mental realestate! Incorporate this positive outlook into the way you think about the process of training yourself- to play, to learn, to code. This is a great update, you have every reason to feel optimistic, you're engaged in what you want to be doing! :3 Way to go!

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      That's exactly what I'm hoping I can maintain, and I think it's going to be easier than ever to incorporate this headspace into my school work.

      I am feeling sure that I can keep the apprehensions at bay by more practice in the future. :3

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    Frank Grambale

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      Back when he had hair it was pretty much non-stop hilarity. He's got a real solid brain under that mullet, though.

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        I saw that one clip, and I too, would love a personal army of random people plucking out 16th triplets

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          That song in the background gets stuck in my head like all day long