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New Watchers and Upcoming Art by NecroDrone

Over the past few weeks, Ive gotten a bombardment of new watchers, and to them I want to give my biggest THANK YOU! for your interest as well to my continuous fans for your ample support <333 It means a great deal to me, and I hope to continually impress and inspire :3

This year has been a bit overwhelming for me, and not because of my workload. I am loving all the ideas that are being issued to me, and am ecstatic to show them to you all! However, I have been battling a sort of art block, so artwork is slower than usual. I hope to flood my galleries with new stuff here VERY soon, and after I return from Biggest Little Fur Con in Reno, NV, there will be many exciting updates on future projects that I want you all to be a part of if you can :3 More announcements to come!

Namaste ~<3

New Watchers and Upcoming Art


18 March 2014 at 12:22:15 MDT

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    Glad to hear more and more people are appreciating your art styles and artwork. ♥

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      AAAHHH!!! You're using my piece as your icon!! flails X3

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    I made my promise but when does the room block open for FC?

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      Im not sure I understand the question, lovie ^^;

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    :D You earned it! Don't forget, wyvern is AAAAAALWAYS watching.

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      wriggles Thank youuuuuuu <3

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    You're very welcome :3 . I'm always glad to watch you. You inspire the best in me, art wise & life wise :3 .

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      So wonderful to know, thank you for commenting <333

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    You're welcome!