NEW COMIC! Starting in June, INFO & preview by artdecade

Hi, everyone!

I'm starting a new comic in June called 'On Yonder Lea I'd Shelter Thee.' It's about two young orphans and their short time together, surviving in the hills of 1890's Scotland.

It's my first general audience comic I've done in almost seven years and I'm really excited about it!

It will be available on Patreon, where it will be updated monthly with between 8-10 pages, for as little as $1 a month. One dollar!! Paypal and debit/credit is accepted and signup is super easy. Check out a preview here:

PLEASE consider donating a measly little buck or two toward this project. I would love it if the milestone goals were reached! If a whole bunch of folks just donated one dollar a month we'd get there in no time!! One dollar! COME ON, GUYS, ONE DOLLAR. COME ON. OMG.

And, you would get to experience a story that, what I think and what I hope I have achieved, is a very different and subtle narrative about fragility and connection. If you're familiar at all with my early comics Small Stories, you'll know the type of story you're in for.

Here's a little preview video:

The comic starts in June, and patrons will not be charged anything until it begins updating. It will be updated once a month (each update is between 8-10 pages), and will conclude in December, with a total of 79 pages. If you donate 1 dollar a month for its entire run, that's only 7 bucks!! COME. ON.

The entire comic and any milestone goals it may reach will also be available to subscribers.

Thank you so much for looking :3

NEW COMIC! Starting in June, INFO & preview


18 March 2014 at 09:08:22 MDT

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    Jumping on this! I've still got the printed copy of Small Stories around here somewhere, it was a great little book.

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      thank youuuu! this was a story i wrote for small stories that i revisited and expanded :3

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    OMG <3 Yesssss ^^ I can't wait for this, it looks super amazing. I love your atmospheric stuff so much it's not even funny. @.@ Totally backing.

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      you are TOO kind, thank you so much!!!!

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    Awesome! Patreon keeps giving me this 'Could not connect: Connection refused' messege whenever I try to sign up,but once I get that thing work somehow I'm totally going to support you. :)

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      Thank you! Hopefully they can straighten it out soon :Y

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    OH gosh! How did I possibly miss this update! I can't wait to read this!

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      oh thanks! i'm really excited about this comic :]