Open for Comissions and Trades by brightfire

Please note that I do not to explicit material. Non-adult nudity is determined on a case by case basis.

PM me if you're interested in a trade.

Otherwise, prices are as follows:

$3 Black, white, and one color icons.
$5 Digital badges and full color icons.
$10 One character with a very simple background.
$15 One character with a detailed background.
$20 Two characters with a very simple background.
$25 Two characters with a detailed background.

Very simple characters are eligible for a $3 discount (per character).

$4 Icon Examples:

$10 Examples:

(All of the characters in these examples would definitely get a discount and end up being $7.)

$25 Examples:

Open for Comissions and Trades


18 March 2014 at 00:03:21 MDT

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    Do you have examples for each of these pricepoints?

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      Yes I do! Thanks for asking, it reminded me that I completely goofed and forgot them. I'm adding them to the main post right now. :3

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    GAH I would love to do a trade with you some time!!

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      Me too, afdklakdfljaskd doing like little charm-sized sculptures would be so cool if you're ever up for a trade like that.

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        THAT WOULD ROCK. I would totally be down for that!! I've been wanting to work smaller and smaller lately (started using sewing needles and bobby pins for details haha). Hit me up for that anytime! I'm having some down time right now, waiting for commissions to come through and other connections to get back to me, so I'd love to do that ^^

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          I have some clay still so if you want to do like a little charm trade that'd be awesome. Note me what you want!