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OddMall Seattle by NimbleBun

Well, as I've stated in a couple journals and shown by not uploading regularly as I used to, I am preparing for my OddMall 2014 convention. If you're in the pac NW and having nothing better to do on the weekend of May31-Jun01, you should stop on by. This year it'll be in Everett. Admission is free and the atmosphere is excellent. I attended the first OddMall of Seattle and it was such a big hit that they're continuing this convention in Seattle. It originally was an OH convention but they're trying to expand and now they have another chapter <--- OddMall Seattle FB page.

You should stop on by to not only check out my table and meet myself and :devkamakru:, but overall I truly feel you'll enjoy the entire convention and what it has to offer. Many friendly people and very friendly and helpful staff on the floor to ensure things run smoothly and pleasantly.

This year I'll be able to offer something that I never thought I'd be able to gift boxing. Thats right. You buy a small doll, and you can opt to have it gift-boxed for free. I noticed last year that a handful of people were shopping for presents and thought it would have been cool to be able to send it pre-wrapped in some way. People love gift wrapping/boxing. When I worked at a toy store, it was the highlight of my job. Okay, i'm rambling now, see how excited I am ^_^

Thanks to patrons like you, I have been able to expand my doll line, produce different looking variants, create my personal logo and branding sticker AND have shopping bags and gift boxes at the ready for customers. What I would like to do next is fill those bags with some simple goodies like a post-card and a sticker and a new business card.

Its customers like you that help artists like me continue with their dream. I only want to produce the best quality and offer something you can't just go to Hot Topics or Toys R Us and pick up.

due to the size of the gift boxes, I can only offer them for the smaller dolls. Gift boxing wont be an option for online sales as that would needlessly inflate the shipping costs as I would then need to ship your small doll in a larger box to compensate for the gift box. In the mean time, when you shop on my etsy when you're checking out be sure to remember your coupon code: ZOMBIESTEW. saves you 10% on your entire purchase

OddMall Seattle


17 March 2014 at 09:11:39 MDT

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    I've never heard of OddMall, but now, having explored their website, I am very much intrigued! I might just find myself there this year, scope things out. I'll keep my eyes peeled for your booth.

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      you should really make the effort. Theres alot of neat things to look at!

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        I'm gonna try. I have a few people interested, so I should have a ride. =D

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          Oh nice! Bring everybody to the table ^_^