Basic Terms and such for commissions! by Crys

Commissions are taken primarily during streams and similar events. I will occasionally accept commissions through notes so please don't hesitate to message me!

If you are curious about something and how much it will cost, just send me a note and I'll be happy to give you a quote!

I WILL draw anything, but there will be an extra charge for difficulty or specific fetishes. Don't be afraid to ask! :)

-The prices listed here are for a digitally rendered image completed to the best of my ability. You will receive the full size digital file and a smaller file that is the size for posting on Furaffinity if requested.

-There can be a total of 2 changes during the sketch phase of the image and then I will add an additional $5 for every change afterwards (as it takes time to fix things) I will also allow up to 2 changes during Flats stage for character markings and colorations ONLY. If a change needs to be made due to my negligence it will not cost anything to you.

-I will not alter my style to fit a certain artist's or a certain company's style of artwork. You are commissioning me for MY style, no one else's.

-I have the right to deny ANY commission for any reason at any time.

-Full refunds are available if no work has been done on your piece. Partial refunds will be given if a sketch has already been sent or if more work has been completed. (refund amount is dependent upon the amount of work completed)

-Private commissions are available, but conditions will be discussed before any money trades hands.

-Payment will be given before any work starts on the piece. If you wish, I will happily do a Half now Half when sketch is approved style payment. (please discuss in advance)

-Do not be afraid to ask me any questions about your artwork! If I'm behind on it, just poke me. If you'd like a refund, just ask.

By commissioning me you accept that you have read and understand these terms and conditions.

Thanks so much for your interest in commissioning me! :)

Basic Terms and such for commissions!


16 March 2014 at 16:24:37 MDT

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