Hello? by Farouche

First of all, thank you so much for the favs and watches! I've been trying to make myself at home here in between my academic work, but I really appreciate the support.

There's one thing I was wondering: I submitted a "Character" and it never did show up in the Characters page. Not sure what I did wrong or forgot to check, I could go to the direct link artwork but it's not showing up in the characters gallery? Anybody has any idea of how to display what I submit there? Thank youuu.

Edit: ah, lemontrees helped me fix this. Thanks!

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13 November 2012 at 11:54:11 MST

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    Your character is showing up just fine for me! I don't think there's any way to make them appear on your profile for now, though.

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      This is weird. When I click the "Characters" gallery on my profile, it says there are none to display. :C Which means at the moment I can't access my own reference sheet that I had submitted, eh.

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    I can see Feral just fine on the character page. Make sure your settings are set to show adult work; I believe by default it does not.

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      Thank you, I'll check that. It seems strange that other people can see the character but as the submitter I can't. :P

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        yeah it's weird that you can submit adult work but not see it. if that doesn't work, head over to the forums and see if they can help you

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      Right, that was it. I can see it fine now! *Bounces.*

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        oh cool! you posted while I was typing :p

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          Teehee :3 thank you for your help!

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    I see the situation has been resolved, but man I was having the exact same issue with some of my writing work because I hadn't tweaked my settings. :B

    Funny. You can submit adult work without consenting to see it.

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      Yes, that is disturbing. ^^'