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Baph (a sub species of Baphomet) are demons most well-known for the goo like substance that forms the complete, with the exception of the brain, internal structure of their being. They have a preference for living a more simplistic lifestyle away from the demonic realm, blending in with the ever changing world and other creatures that inhabit it.

A Baph’s internal goo substance is what sets them apart from other demons. As stated while a brain still remains, the goo takes place of all other organs and bones with the ability to flex and harden at will. It can also be manipulated to move outside of the body, through various body openings as well as through any cuts or wounds. When outside of the body it takes on the shape of tentacles and is strong enough to lift twice the Baph’s body weight. Extended exposure outside of the body (4+ days usually) can lead to the goo tentacles growing unnaturally hard and becoming difficult to move, a perfect example of this are the ‘horns’ on their head, while the effect is reversible keeping the hardened goo inside of their body while it recovers can be quite an uncomfortable and even painful experience. While the goo can be easily manipulated for both defensive and offensive purposes it also aids in their healing abilities, allowing them to reattach severed limbs and close wounds, the level of healing is completely under their control as some choose to keep certain wounds open for the goo to freely move out of.

Their appearance is similar to that of an androgynous human with a furred collar, arms and legs, mixed with animalistic traits of long goat ears, horns (up to 3 sets of any size or shape), lush tail and hooved feet. Eyes are often a solid colour with no pupil distinction, however in times of heightened positive emotions their iris will show. Mouth is typically that of a human with their tongues often forked and the same colour as their goo, teeth tend to appear anywhere from oddly white to a dull grey and are in fact formed from their goo. They produce a dark to black saliva however it is more closely related to oil in texture. While they do not possess any kind of blood, Baphs are susceptible to bruising of the skin and do have the ability to blush though how this occurs is still unknown.

Baphs have a very long lifespan and even in death are merely reborn once more. This ‘immortality’ has led their species to have little to no regard for life (though this view can change from one Baph to another) and as such are often called upon, or summoned, via occult or mystical traditions. However those summoning them often meet their death with the Baphs being rather annoyed at the disturbance of their simplistic lifestyle. This being said trap/bind spells used as part of the summoning process have been quite effective against them, often leading them into servitude as pets or guardians due to their fighting and healing capabilities despite their limited magic.

These demons do have a weakness however which can have lasting effects on them. Baph’s are highly susceptible to simple illnesses such as the common cold which in some cases leaves them constantly ill until they succumb to death. Even those who take immaculate care of themselves are not immune to the almost deathly affects. Causing them severe pain and discomfort it leaves many Baphs looking as though they are still sick/worn out even after they have recovered, with bags under their eyes and or having odd marks much like bruises appear on their body.
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Baph Speices Info


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