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Commissions to help me move! Character site splashes, sketches, etc by Masha

HEY! Guess who might be moving very soon and could use the extra money? Guess who's finally getting out of this city, and to a safer location? Help me do this, help me make it more viable!

Starting out, we have character 'splash' drawings, which will be small and transparent (or with a small background of simplistic detail) to go on your character's website! These will be flat-coloured with minor shading.

Splash Art - $25

(with the option of paying an extra $5 plus shipping and handling [usually under $3] for the original paper sketch if the art is started on paper)

Examples: 1, 2, 3, 4

Next we have the good old fashioned digital sketch. Can be full body, bust, etc. They can have simple shading if wanted, as this doesn't take a lot of time to do.

Digital Sketches - $15 b&w/monotone, $20 flat colour

Examples: 1, 2 (nsfw), 3 4, 5; Further examples can be found in my sketch gallery

Last but not least, we have actual sketches done on paper. These can vary in price with what you want, and can be shipped to your home with the addition of the price of S&H. One thing to keep in mind is that I work a lot and I do not have a scanner of my own - but am allowed use of my friend's - so it may take a day or two to get your commission scanned in. I apologize if this is an inconvenience!

Traditional Pen Sketches - $10-15 (Additional $5-10 per character), individually discussed.

Examples: 1, 2, 3, 4, 5 - cursing

How to contact me:
Skype: Saethryth (masha)
Email: mashatate (((at)))) gmail com
Furcadia: Bogdana; Zaany; Masha
Tumblr: Mashaarts
Weasyl: Masha

Payments accepted: Paypal only; Pay upon completion, will receive watermarked art until payment received, at all stages.

Additional sob story: So why did I say moving would put me in a safer location? Why is moving so important to me?

My name's Masha Tate, and I am a queer transperson, who is also autistic and prone to partial seizures. About two years ago now, my father - ex law enforcement to the very city I live in - chased me out of a second story window. He literally beat my door in. Why? Because, after seven+ years of constant torment from his wife, of her screaming about my sexuality and appearance, I finally told her, for once in my life, to shut the f**k up. I spent the next few months in an abusive relationship in order to survive and have a roof over my head - and after problems there coming to a head, I became truly homeless. Thanks to the help of my friends, I rarely slept on the street, but I never had a place of my own until recently.

Currently, I live in bridge housing, in a room barely bigger than a closet - it's roach infested, I'm pretty sure I have rodents. I can not store food. I have no fridge, no stove - I'm not allowed to have any of these, by program rules. My building is a combination of section 8, shelter, and bridge housing - and, though the floors are sex segregated, almost all of it is male. In the month of January alone, I was assaulted four times in varying degrees, due to this building and due to my having to use public facilities to access the internet (libraries, coffeeshops). To be frank, these incidents have been increasing, the warmer the weather gets and the rowdier the men get. I'm in an incredibly unsafe situation, and this is exacerbated by my paranoia of police due to my father's association with them and previously bad run-ins related to him.

I've recently called around to chain locations of the store I've worked at for two years (yes, I've maintained a job this entire time, regardless of my ability to eat or even, often, pay for the increasingly expensive bus), and have found locations willing to hire me in a state far off, where a close friend lives. Most of these job openings are for April. So right now, I very much so need to save up for either paying for an extended-stay hotel and/or a security deposit and rent for whatever place I can manage to get in to.

Furthermore, the place I'm looking to move to has a great public transit system, which is why I mentioned my partial seizures, which mean I can not drive, and thus a well maintained, economically priced transit system is needed; police cars have knocked me off my bike with their rapid-flashing LED lights too many times to make my bike my main transportation.

To sum it up: This is helping me get from an awful situation, into a new life - and I appreciate every bit of help I can get. Thank you.

Commissions to help me move! Character site splashes, sketches, etc


14 March 2014 at 12:44:13 MDT

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    I'm broke as hell 'cause I'm moving soon too, otherwise I so would. Good luck, though! ;w;