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Limited Commissions - Buy a Cage! by sinereous

CLOSED for now, thank you! If I've replied to you, you are still on my list tentatively, so don't worry! Thank you all so much for your response!

We want to buy a nice roomy metal cage for our rescued Senegal (see previous journal entry) instead of the small one he came with, and I want to try to do my part. We can technically get one now, but I like to relieve stress on M's wallet when I can and it would make things tight for the next month or two. This way, he could have it much sooner, and I think he'd appreciate it!

I am offering FIVE slots for $25 portrait sketches***- see below for example links. These are basically ballpoint pen and graphite sketches colored in Photoshop with a minimal/no background.


♠ Paypal Only!
♠ My specialties are animals, pets, feral characters and fantasy beasts/monsters/chimeras, BUT I can easily do humans/humanoids, mechs, and anthros as well!
♠ Monochrome background or minimal design included.
♠ No "rating" above PG13, please
♠ Turnaround time estimated at 1-2 weeks.

I am also offering Unlimited Slots for $15 watercolor ACEOs as my main commission source. I love doing them, they don't take me very long, and they get me away from the computer for a while!

***I cannot at this time accept digital painting commissions. The last one I took on has taken me way too long and too many drafts to finish (and I was blessed with the most amazingly patient patron in the world HI VANIER) mostly because of how awful the end of last year was emotionally and physically. Also, because I am in school FOR digital painting, and keep second-guessing/correcting my work... it's just not "comfortable" for me at this time and skill level to take another one on. Thank you for your understanding!

Limited Commissions - Buy a Cage!


13 March 2014 at 16:49:29 MDT

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    i don't know if you've got a specific cage in mind already or how much room you have, but i recently got this for my four finches: and it's amazing. absolutely worth the money.

    here's a photo of mine with a corgi for scale:

    good luck with your commissions! i'll have to check my funds but with luck i might be able to come nab one from you.

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      That is an AWESOME cage, but I am afraid my parrot would eat right through it. Fantastic to see one that big for finches though!

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    :D Oh man, I would love one of each! How do you feel about these two characters? would love whichever one you'd want to do more as the portrait and the other as an ACEO. If you alright with these two let me know your paypal and I can send you money now :D

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      Oh wow, I love both of those! I'm more than willing to do it whichever way your prefer! PP is coming in a note. Thank you SO much!

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        Awesome :D As for preference, no preference. Though, if slots don't fill up I'm super tempted to get a portrait of each :3 Will let other people get a chance first. Saw your art on Teenycom and LOVE that gryphon you did.

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        Hey! :3 Still need your PayPal details to send you money :D

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    Ooh, I 'd love one of the portraits, but I don't get paid till the 17th ;A;

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      That is more than fine, as we won't order until the 21st, if you're still interested!

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        I'm definitely interested, will send a note shortly! :3

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    I'll take a portrait, if you've still got slots. I'll send refs via note if one's available. <3

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      Definitely! Thank you!

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        Info sent. P;

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    I would love to get a portrait as well, loved what you did back then for me :)
    Have to think about an interesting pose / gear though since he is rather boring as you know haha

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    Not sure if you still have slots, but I'd like a portrait

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      As of now there is one left, so definitely! :)