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Tattooing on Myself by Chewbacca


So my first tattoo I'm ever going to do is going to be on myself.
This will help me experience more on what my clients are going through and how deep the needles should be going in.

I'm just nervous as fuck, because I never got a tattoo before so I don't know what it's going to feel like, and I'm afraid of messing up on myself...

But hey if I'm doing it today, then I'm going to livestream it.
Hope you guys enjoy my wonderful cringing faces I'm going to make.

Tattooing on Myself


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    It always depends on the individual's tolerance for pain, as well as how they react to pain. Personally I got mine on my outer bicep, it only really started to hurt when he had to go over the same areas over and over to pack the white ink in, but I was really nervous and started laughing so he went outside the lines on another part. Best of luck though! Music helps if it's calming to you!

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      Thanks for insight. I'm just going to be doing an outline with some shading and small highlights on my ankle. But I don't think I'll be laughing at this point XD mostly just concentrated as fuck.

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        That could be a tender area, be sure to take breaks if it gets too painful, I've heard of folks passing out due to pain, no bueno.

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          lol lets hope that doesn't happened. I will be definitely taking breaks like a wuss.

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    If you're REALLY nervous about it I might suggest doing something small on the bottom of your foot ( specifically the heel)? You can't feel it as much and if you mess up it doesn't take too long to fade. Either way I hope it goes well!

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      Well I am going to do something small, but it won't be on my foot. I want something to stay. And it won't hurt if I do little mistakes to have it touched up.
      As far as I can see though with some of the people taught by Dave, their first tattoos were crazy good.

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    I actually fell asleep while getting my tattoo (along the top of my forearm), so I wouldn't worry too much. Ankle is on the bone, though, so it is a little bit different.

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      I've seen it happened where I work.
      I'm going to have it a little higher from the ankle bone just so I can have a little more meat to work on.

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    So I'm no big city tattooist

    But as a layperson this sounds like a really bad idea to me and you should make sure you're not being given terrible advice.

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      The guy that is teaching me is way up there with his realism skills, the guys that work there were taught by him. They even tatted themselves for their first tattoos.
      I have all my confidence in him and I feel a lot more comfortable working on myself than a client for the first time. I wouldn't do it, if I think this is a bad approach to learn tattooing. Each teacher teaches differently.