Going to FurtheMore; ARE YOU? - DEBUTING TIERNEY by Kittiara

Feel free to note me if you'll be there and maybe we'll run into each other! Clockwork fursuiters too!

I WILL BE DEBUTING TIERNEY. So please expect photos as soon as reasonably possible... AWESOME.

Going to FurtheMore; ARE YOU? - DEBUTING TIERNEY


12 March 2014 at 12:38:07 MDT

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    I totally would if it was financially viable for me, lawl

    Then again I'd have to bring someone 'cause I don't know anyone there and that's even harder to manage D:

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    Have a wonderful time, Kitt!

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    Wish I could be there, but sadly my con-dance-card is fairly quiet this year. I do look forward to see pics of Tierney, and that's no lie. ^.^

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    wah this journal freaked me out, as I've told you my name is Tierney and I never see it anywhere XD

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      Didn't you know you're going?? Hahaha :B

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        haha I guess not! :O hope you have a great time!

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    Since I can't go to FTM I just have one thing to say: I EXPECT PHOTOS YESTERDAY. ALL the photos!

    And enjoy running around as a fluffy gryphon :D

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    Have a great time for me, and promise to give KiFu and Q and Mat lots of hugs and to bug them and then chase em around too. <3