Commission ToS & FAQ by TwoFancyOwls

Additional Charges

A brief list of things that will cost extra in your commission:

  1. Wing sets
  2. Additional limbs, including extra tails
  3. Complicated or heavy details, marking, clothing or otherwise (full detailed tiger, leopard, full body feather, etc)
  4. Very long hair
  5. Designing new clothing/styling (with exception to iron artist)

We will let you know upon checking your character sheet if your commission will have extra charges and what they will be before billing.

Not Available for Commission

We will not take commissions for things listed here unless otherwise stated in commission opening journal

  1. Mechs
  2. Porn
  3. Extreme Violence/Gore
  4. Characters without reference image
  5. Ferals


Terms of Service

Contact to commission us indicates all party agreement to the below terms.

  1. We reserve the right to decline any commission request, without question.

  2. reserve the right to adjust pricing on a requested piece accordingly before purchase.

  3. We reserve the right to include any commission done in our portfolio.

  4. We reserve the right to include any commission done in our public galleries.

  5. All commissions under $100 (base price) are "wing-it" commissions, unless otherwise stated.

  6. We will not edit an image for omitted information or confusing/incomplete references.

  7. We will not begin the piece until we have received payment. Updates on the progress of non-sketch or "artist challenge" commission are available upon request. All pieces are begun and finished in the order that we receive payment, not necessarily the order listed.
    Payment plans are available for commissions over $300.

  8. Prices listed in our commission journals and pages are for personal commission only.

  9. We reserve the rights to all adaptations of characters within commissions, including redesigned/adapted outfits, hairstyles, etc (basically anything that you did not create or include in your original reference images). This means that you may not use it as a reference for your character as their design. We are not being paid to re-design or pimp your character for you, if you wish to purchase the rights to use the re-design or adaptation, feel free to speak to us!

  10. We reserve the full rights and it's redistribution to the image, it's use and distribution unless otherwise agreed upon in writing. Rights for images may be purchased after the fact, feel free to contact us to discuss. You may not use our works, commissioned or otherwise, in or as part of external projects, commercial or non-commercial.
    Commissions are not to be used for things like book illustrations, covers or any other publishing without expressed written permission, whether you make or plan to make a profit or not. They cover personal use ONLY, including non-profit making projects. If you are looking for something to use for your game, represent your comic, use as an ad banner, sell or show at conventions or otherwise redistribute, feel free to speak to us.
    This includes but is not limited to: Book illustrations, game illustrations/concepts, adoptables/petsite pets and so forth. If you wish to have us illustrate something like this, or use my art in a commercial project it will fall under professional commissions and must be discussed with us [b]before [/b]the commission is started so that we may discuss rights transferance and work out proper professional rates.
    If you are not sure whether your request counts as personal or otherwise, feel free to ask us about it's intended use when you submit your note. All commissions are presumed personal unless otherwise agreed upon in writing.

  11. If you wish to limit distribution for things like posting to our galleries or convention showings/prints/art-books, please speak to us BEFORE commissioning us. We do create sketchbooks and convention prints based on artwork we have done that we like. We will never grant a third party rights to these images or work, all prints and books are done by us and sold by us. This is not an option for "artist challenge" type commissions like iron artist, bronze artist and platinum artist. We fully intend to make sketch books of these projects, if you do not want your character to appear in these books, do not order an artist challenge commission.

  12. We do not ship commissions, traditional or otherwise.

  13. All commissions are non refundable.

  14. Payment must be received within 24 hours after accepting your commission request unless otherwise agreed upon by us before commission is accepted. Time exceptions are not granted for artist challenge or sketch commissions.

Frequently Asked Questions

If you have a question about something you see here and we have not answered it below, please leave a comment in this journal.

Q: If I play extra, can you ship me my commission?
A: No, sorry, it is very hard for us to get to a post office and we have had problems with shipping in the past in terms of damage and such and we are not prepared to deal with it.

Q: I don't want you to post my commission to your gallery, can it be secret? Will it cost extra?
A: If you don't want your commission to appear in our gallery, please let us know when you send your commission form. We do not charge a privacy fee for keeping regular commissions secret, however we do not allow this for artist challenge or sketch commissions.

Q: When will your commissions be open again?
A: No idea, sorry!

Q: I got a commission from you, can I upload it to my FA/Weasyl/tumblr/etc gallery? Can I upload it to my website?
A: You can upload it to your gallery if you like! We just ask for proper credit, with name or icon and working link to the pic or our gallery in the description. You may also upload it to your website/external gallery with proper linked credit to us and our gallery. If you wish to have it for your weasel collection, just let us know and we'll submit it for your collection :)

Q: Do you shade your iron artists/bronze artist/other pencil style stuff by hand or do you have a texture?
A: All of our linework and shading is done by hand.

Q: How can I get pencils as clean as yours? What pencils do you use?
A: We use Staedler Mars pencils (3mm, 5mm and 10mm) After the messy sketch phase, light-table it with only the clean lines and do your best not to have to erase the shading as the eraser will leave smear lines. We have a mini portable light table as well as an animation light desk (as steph is an animator), however if you're hard pressed to find one, we used to just tape our work to the window during the day. If you want to go digital or clean up your scanned work, we suggest stumpy pencil:

Q: What programs do you use? Do you use pen tool or Sai to make your lines nice?
A: No, we do not use sai. All of our linework is done either traditionally with ink or pencil or done in photoshop with the brush tool by hand.

Q: What brush do you use? Can I get your brush set?
A: We use default brushes: we also use stumpy pencil preset for sketching, however this is not a brush .

Commission ToS & FAQ


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