3DS Issues :( by Crunchy Fox

Hey, guys. So recently I've been having some issues with my 3DS and it's rather annoying!
It started about two nights ago when I wanted to play ACNL. I was putting a feather away into my minimalist dresser when the red feather vanished from my grasp on the touchscreen! When I tapped the screen, the feather kept randomly appearing at unexpected intervals.
After 10 minutes of frustration, I gave up and switched my system off. Upon switching it back on, the circular control wasn't responding as well as all other buttons, but the A button. This wasn't good as all.
I've managed to give it a system update as the buttons occasionally respond. It's been okay-ish, but when playing ACNL, everything appears to be in fast motion. The townsfolk even talk faster! It still freezes up every now and then when I need to talk to someone or check my mailbox.
Can anybody help me? :(

3DS Issues :(

Crunchy Fox

9 March 2014 at 12:35:50 MDT

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