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I was wondering, would it be a good idea to post some info in the "characters" section about my most frecuently drawn OC's?

I'm not intending to post much (it kind of freaks me out that someone might try to steal them) but I mean, maybe that would be a little bit helpful, and so whenever I start posting a lot of pics featuring the same characters again and again, at least my dear watchers will be a little bit familiarized with them and won't be going all "OMG THAT DUDE AGAIN?!" all the time (or at least they will know who "that dude" is lol)

I dunno, maybe it's just me wanting to believe someone will be interested in such things as my little and beloved OC's. However so far this place has felt very friendy and nice to me. I know I just got here but I really have a lot of expectations <3


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8 March 2014 at 18:27:12 MST

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    Alter their biographies and make them a little more vague. Don't include the "finer" details such as their quirky habits and only leave a basic description of their personality. If you do that then no one can actually "steal" your babies because they won't even have all the information. I have been considering that but I'm uncertain too... So who knows.

    I guess it depends how badly you think people will steal them, I don't know how things go here either.

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    I might add just a very brief and very general info about them, omiting the "finer details" as you suggest. There's no point in boring anyone with a long story anyway XD