I Feel Terrible by Kyle Studios

I've just finished watching a video from the Game Theorist on YouTube (he's also on Normal boots.com) about the Wii U and explaining why it's failing. I just want to say that I apologize to ALL the third party developers who've been making games for the Wii u, even EA. If you've seen the video then you'll understand what I mean. I feel terrible and I just feel like an idiot siding with the Wii U saying how great it is and such.... And it's the month where Nintendo has to reach the sales goal of the Wii U, for all we know the system will die next month and to me that's terrible because it's the month of my bday...... Just great. However I'm still going to like the Wii U for what it is because trust me there are some great games on there, it's just the system is a bit flawed. In the comments I would love to discuss some things (only about the Wii U, nothing else) that could help the system and help third party developers not have such a hard time making games for the system. I just feel terrible...... >>

also, my family now decide that we are moving this month (again)! DAMN IT MAKE UP YOUR MINDS!!!!! sigh sorry, just been a bad day for me today.

now for some good news (not really any good news though), I'm working on two pics right now that will be posted on here because they aren't fatty pics so yeah, be expecting at least one pic on here, maybe two.

just been feeling a bit sick..... Also my heart has been having some pain at times >>

I Feel Terrible

Kyle Studios

8 March 2014 at 12:32:18 MST

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