Commission Info and TOS by rowdymonster

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::~:: TOS ::~::

-Please link me an up to date reference sheet (or text if i'm doing a reference sheet for you/you have a simple character design)
-I will work from secondlife screenshots, though I strongly prefer a drawn ref (sl can get complicated!)
-I will draw almost anything, please see my list below for things I will NOT draw
-Full payment is required before any non heavily watermarked WIP pictures will be given. If you need to cancel a commission, I will refund you based on my cancellation terms below
-If your commission will be used in sales/advertisement/etc, there will be an extra charge
-The commissioner and/or any other parties drawn in the image are the only people allowed to repost a picture, with due credit linking back to myself
-I reserve the right to deny or cancel a commission at any time and issue a refund in accordance with my cancellation terms below
-I am inexperienced in some subjects, such as mechs/cars/weapons/detailed backgrounds/etc. I'll happily draw them for you, but they will /not/ be up to the same standards as my normal work. Please keep this in mind.
-If you would like your commission to NOT be publicly posted, an extra 10$ charge will be added to your commission.
-I will happily wait until after an event such as an anniversary/birthday to post a picture if its a gift, so that you may give it to them personally before they possibly stumble upon it in my gallery.
-Complex characters and situations will cost extra
-Commissions are not always completed in order. I work on what I have the most inspiration on, though your wait won't be extended

::~:: Cancellation Terms ::~::

1) If I haven't started your commission or it is still in the rough sketch stage, you will be refunded in full.
2) If I have progressed further on your commission, you will get the sum of the uncompleted steps refunded
3) If the commission has been mailed out, its out of my hands and I cannot be held responsible. If a commission doesn't arrive in a timely manner or has been damaged, please let me know! If you don't speak up, i'll assume it got there safe and sound :3 (no news is good news)

::~:: Payment Methods ::~::

-All prices are in USD
-I currently only accept paypal

::~:: Contact ::~::

Notes here on FA are fine, though I strongly prefer you email me! My email is Please put something along the lines of "commission" in the subject or it will get filed away as spam.

::~:: What Will You Draw? ::~::

Drug Use
Cubs/babyfurs in NON ADULT situations
Anthro/feral characters in romantic/sexual situations
Animal genitalia
Transformation of almost any kind

Characters under 18 years old in ADULT situations

Just because something isn't listed, doesn't mean I will/won't draw it. These are simply what i've come across/been asked to do thus far! If you want something not listed here, please ask if i'm comfortable with the subject matter

Commission Info and TOS


8 March 2014 at 11:52:36 MST

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