[Closed] Character sheet commissions by TheScatterbrain

I am opening for 3 character sheet commissions for $50 a piece!

It’s cheaper than what I’d normally charge and after this I’ll probably go back to not taking commissions for another hundred years, so get it while it’s hot! First come first serve.

I need about $195 worth of train tickets to go back and forth to work this month and I barely have money for food and various other necessities in the first place :I

Character sheets will consist of the following:

  • Two fullbody poses (front and back, with and without clothes, or whatever else you see fitting)

  • An ‘extra’ thing (this can be pretty much anything, granted that it’s not more time consuming to do than a fullbody pose – So yeah, it can be a third pose, a ‘character shot’ showing off your character’s personality, a couple of expressions, close-ups of part of the design, etc. You name it!)

  • All drawings will have ‘penciled’ outlines rather than straight-up inks (similar to this) and flat colours with some simple shadows as necessary.

I’ll draw whatever kind of character you want – Human, anthro, animal, crazy looking alien thing, it’s all good to me. I’ll even design your character if you have one in the works you’re not yet sure how should look.

Keep in mind that if there’re gonna be nudes they’re gonna be tasteful nudes. I’m also not really comfortable drawing fetish art, but you are always welcome to ask me if in doubt.

I accept payment via PayPal and my usual terms of service apply.
However, since I want the turn-around time on these commissions to be as fast as possible, I’ll treat them as I normally would a sketch. That means I’ll demand payment up front and I’ll finish the commission on my own without showing you the progress halfway.

Should more than three people be interested in getting a character sheet I can put you in a queue, but I can’t promise when I’ll get around to you. I’ll contact you in due time of course to see if you’re still interested.

If you would like a character sheet send me a PM or an email at gittetj(at)hotmail.com with details.

[Closed] Character sheet commissions


6 March 2014 at 06:11:41 MST

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