Animal Crossing: New Leaf by CaptainTigglesworth

FIRST OFF! If anybody wants to exchange friend codes, let me know!

SECOND! I'm looking for furniture sets! I'm prioritizing the exotic set. I don't have much to trade for the pieces, but I'd be willing to pay for them, so if you have/don't want those, let me know and maybe we can work something out. :3 I only have the lamp right now, ahaha.

Note that if you do want to come visit my town, I haven't had the game for very long (Club LOL is barely going to open in the next day or so, and I don't have Shampoodle yet), and just finished my first public works project, so there's really not much to see.

Anywhoozles, I'll just drop my friend code here if you want it, just make sure to give me yours: 4184 - 2952 - 4070

Animal Crossing: New Leaf


4 March 2014 at 12:20:13 MST

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    I've unlocked all of Main Street, except for the Fortune Shop. Only things I ask visitors is to not trample/pick flowers (I'm trying to grow Blue Roses) or chop down trees. :3

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      Added, and I can definitely respect that. :3 I'm hesitant about chopping down trees in my own place, lol, and even though I'm not an avid flower grower I always make sure to be careful around them. x)

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        Cool. :) I also have the Island unlocked (idk if you do yet or not). It's a great place to catch bugs and fish (and play games). I'm currently derping around there.

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          I do! I've been going there to make money since the rarer bugs and sharks are worth so much. x)

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            Yes. It's time consuming, but the best way to make bells quickly. x)

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              Yup yup, makes public works projects and home renovations much faster. xP

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    my fc is 3711-7893-8775 and i'd love to come over :3 or you can come to my town sometime~ also i have over 50% of the catalog so if you need anything, i can check if i can order it for you :3

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      Added ya, and hopefully we can hang out sometime soon. x) I stopped for the night though and I have to go in for class tomorrow night, so I may not have much time until after. x(