Selling shirts to raise awareness & money for medical bills. by Nuka

About a week or two I came out as transgender to the 50ish or so people left on my facebook. So yes, I am FTM. But I am also broke and like many other furries, struggling with money. Having to pay for testosterone is going to be pretty pricey for someone like me who can't drive or find a job that isn't customer service based and within walking distance. For those of you who followed me over from FA, you know how that went last time.

If it's of any interest to anyone, I'm selling T-shirts to raise money and awareness. Through their affiliate program, Legalize Trans* grants me 15% of each sale I make through this link to help me with my medical bills for hormone replacement therapy. So it's only about $3 per shirt, but at the same time I am also spreading awareness.

If you feel like showing support, maybe you guys could possibly spread this around? I'd be extremely thankful.
This specific link gives me credit to every purchase.

Selling shirts to raise awareness & money for medical bills.


3 March 2014 at 22:47:11 MST

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    Having trouble with the link. Maybe it's because I'm on mobile? It's showing up as;aff=269210

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    I volunteer with a local Trans* Group registered in Scotland, I would love to buy one. but I am falling asleep just now, could you please reply as a prompt.

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      Oh gosh really? I'm super thankful!
      How is the issue over in Scotland? Are people any more accepting?

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        Depends who you ask, but Scotland has had a number of successes for equality legislation passing, I'm to visit the Conference on Justice run by the Scottish Transgender Alliance.

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          What about social acceptance though? There's still a lot of really bad stigma in the US which is why I'm asking.

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            Marked improvement everywhere; but again it's who you ask. Knee-capping no longer happens, we're nothing like our more Easterly Counterparts I'd like to credit it to the presense of AntiFascst Associations* but it could also be due to the Referendum on Independence that's polarizing the country. People associated with Yes Scotland tend be against UKIP and far right parties, and also support EU Legislation on Equality and Human Rights.

            SDL and other hate groups that run (counter or otherwise) protests or make slurs tend to get challenged and activities disrupted. Aberdeen, Edinburgh and Glasgow all have specific and serveral organizations and groups that challenge more extreme anti-LGBT viewpoints. Trans Media Watch documents how the Daily Mail screws up and distorts news by producing Churn. I was unable to make it to one counter protest as One Group that had invited Westbor-something Church to say God hates Aberdeen's Newly Out Reverend, received a CAN-Do welcome. (Also if I remember right the Hate Preacher had his Visa Cancelled, which happens a lot with groups like this...So he was a no show.)

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              Well I certainly commend you and the people you work with for being such strong activists. It's nice to know that there are other countries out there making better efforts. Gives real hope for the future.

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      I really hate to bother you and ask, but did you change your mind?