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Welp, I'm broke and needa save more by freeze-pop88

As you might know (probably not), I'm trying to save money to go see My boyfriend in July or so. I made $237, and was trying to save it, but, I needed a new computer too. Since my laptop is broken, and a piece of crap. One of the USB ports are broken, it's screen falls over without any support from the back, it's missing around 7 keys, It crashes and freezes a lot, and It just sucks in general. Nathan knows this, and the most recent time I was talking about it, and thinking of buying a new one, he said he'd understand if I used the money I was saving to go visit him on one.

Tonight I was looking through ebay at laptops for less then $200, since I wanted to keep at least $100 or so, and I sent a link to one I fond to my dad and had him look at it and tell me if it was any good or not, since he's better at computers then I am. Well, after looking at it he told me it was good for the price, but it wouldn't be good for anything I wanted to do. So he started looking for Gaming computers, since I also want to game on it, and we found one on Amazon for $329 with $12 shipping. He told me I had enough for it after I said it's too expensive, and told me he's pay for the rest of it. So I'm getting a new laptop, which will be here around the 7th.

So now I need to resave $237, and continue saving it, So that probably means A LOT more "10+ slots" and "YCH AUCTIONS" ^^;

Welp, I'm broke and needa save more


3 March 2014 at 22:46:49 MST

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