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I used to have an ongoing blog about the games I play. I can't be bothered to find my log in info for my Google blog right now so I'm just going to post this here.

Unchained Blades is 3DS download title. It has some neat turn based battle elements with a mix of "tap the right button" method of fighting. Kind of interesting. Here are my notes and commentary on my first play thru. I started this today btw.

unchained blades game log

when I first started the game I was thrilled to see the dragons as main characters. It starts out with some terrible voice acting and "modernized" dialog though... For instance the main character who is a dragon lord kills some guardian dude (who had waaaaay too many ribs) and says "what a wuss" ... it doesn't fit. The way the dragon lord talks seems way off to me. Basically he talks like a teen who's yet to learn any manners. This actually makes sense later though.

The dragon lord goes to the temple of the Goddess clunea and tells her "screw you" literally he says that to her when he won't make a wish. Apparently anyone who makes it far enough to meet this goddess gets one wish granted. Dragon lord who I changed from Fang to Suzy (lol) just wants to know who the strongest person in the world is so he can go get in a fight with him and prove he's the strongest dragon ever. He won't wish though. He demands it be told to him by the Goddess and pisses her off. She then punishes him by--- [SPOILER] turning him into a teenage boy. [SPOILER]

I was amused. He's a prick. I get the feeling he's being set up for what we call character development/ personality change arc. He'll probably get cool later.

Next we get to meet the next player character. I forgot her original name but I named her Loliza because she reminds me of a loli. She turns out to be that ever so persistent mainstay in JRPGs - the princess who fights her own battles and HATES royal life and runs away to go on an epic life changing adventure. ALL TOO FAMILIAR. But whatever she's cute so I'll with it. She's a phoenix. Though she looks like a teenage girl with wings. Her father is a full fledged bird man. Or anthro bird. Looks like a giant brown chicken to me but the dialog says he's a phoenix. He hates "myths" and wants his daughter to make a wish to the goddess to make people stop believing in "myths". Hmmm.

[Gaming] Unchained Blades ongoing blog


3 March 2014 at 03:08:40 MST

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