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Lousy Smarch Weather by Solitude

March is a weird month for me. On the one hand, my birthday happens early on in the month. On the other hand, my insurance renewal and car registration falls on my birthday. So I'm usually in a position where I spend the day at AAA and the DMV, spending 200 dollars. Plus family is always too busy to even remember it.

Always a great start to the month really. The job hunt continues, though with no success. Been practicing like mad with the guitar so I can play passably, if not cleanly. And mostly now I'm just trying to get by day by day.

So... There's that.

Lousy Smarch Weather


1 March 2014 at 03:41:09 MST

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    Awr, I can totally relate to that. I hope your birthday is better than you expect, that you find a job (I'm in the same boat), and that you have success with the guitar! It took me a good year to even do barre chords with mine, but I've been going straight for about 2 and a quarter years now... it's worth it!

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      I finally managed to get harmonics and pinch harmonics tonight. Birthday wise, I ain't holdin' my breath on that. I'm optimistic on the guitar front at least. I was sort of very passively (as in once every three months) playing it a few years back but was forced to sell my acoustic and my Squier. I only recently managed to purchase a legit Fender Stratocaster and I've been playing just about every day for the past 2 months. The regimen said an hour every day, but I went over that quite a bit. 2 months after the start date and I've logged in 90 hours.

      Thanks for the input, from one stranger to another. It's... comforting to hear from others. Really.

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        It's my pleasure. I check journals a few times a day because it's an interesting way to come across people in a natural state, if that makes any sense.

        Well, I'll still send good vibes your way. Grats on the guitar work, you sound like you're putting your all in. I'm having a lot of trouble working with my electric at the moment as I don't really understand them, so I'm leaning back on my acoustic. Do you plan on uploading music to Weasyl at all? My personal, longterm goal with this website is to promote the existence of music and musicians within the furry fandom (and outside of it too), so until Groups become a real feature, I'm slowly trying to get in touch with musicians on here.

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          I might upload music...? I'm not 100 percent on that, mostly because 1) I have no way to record or edit tracks and 2) I'd probably only start by uploading terrible covers of existing songs to start with haha~

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            Hey, that's what I do for the most part. ;P I really hope you do if you can! I record with my iPhone and edit it in Audacity haha, I just MacGyver the whole setup.

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              I did NOT even know you could do that. 8U

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                The quality is impressive for how ghetto the set up is. xD Give it a shot if ya can!

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                  I make no promises, at least not until I get better anyways. >_>

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    May march be so much better, because MOTHER**FUCK** FEBRUARY IN PARTICULAR.

    Day by day is still moving forward. We can do it.

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      February is just the dildos of all months. I hate it.