Different Super Attack Concept: Interested in feedback too by VinVulpis

So, for my project, I've been working on a new idea as a means to somewhat simplify the super concept, while at the same time, making it a little more versatile.

I've dropped my former idea of "Fury" moves. The way those were working was that it was a one-time use attack in which the damage scaled based on the power gauge and amount of remaining health.

Meh, I'm deciding to drop the concept and mechanic for something else I haven't completely decided on a name for, but so far and calling it "FIERCE MODE."

The main thing that I'm changing is that I'm removing the concept of it being a move all on it's own. This new idea, takes the two normal super moves, and allows them to be upgraded to stronger more dramatic forms.

The idea is kind of based on how super moves worked in KoF 98 UM. For those who don't know, in that game, instead of just using bars for super moves, you could use them to enter a special timed state where you could deal a little more damage, but if you used a super while in that state, it becomes a different and much stronger version of the move. (ending the state)

My idea is that a character would somehow enter a "Fierce" state for a certain amount of time, allowing them to get some extra utility during the state, but also allow them to end the state by using an upgraded version of one of their super attacks.

For testing purposes, I temporarily hot-keyed the state to a button (and made is cost a bar) but I don't think I wanna keep it to something freely able to activate.

The things that I am still trying to decide one are:
1: How does this state get activated?
2: What is the added utility the character/player gets while in the state.

One major thing I'm considering, is that the utility given is unique or specific to the character. One thing that also comes to mind is maybe something inspired from the T.O.P. system from Garou: Mark of the Wolves. Where maybe a section of the lifebar creates this state.

The major thing to note is that the supers maybe change dramatically from normal to fierce. I already have some figured out and a couples examples are...

Like, Jeibu's Dark Rift, in it's normal form is a large pulsing, swirling ball of dark energy and compressed matter that pulls foes towards it. The foe, once pulled in, bounces around for several hits in the rift, much like Ryu's (from Street Fighter) Shinkuu Tatsumaki Sempukyaku. Dark Rift also sucks in and destroys projectiles that come in contact with it (hit-by-hit, based on the projectile's hit count).

When in Fierce mode, Jeibu's Dark Rift becomes NEUTRON RIFT. (Referring to the type of star)
Neutron Rift's pull and damage are much stronger. The rift compresses down smaller, but begins to ripple and pulse out short waves of energy about, effectively making it's hit-effect range wider than the normal, though the energy waves are purely stuns, only the center of the rift does damage. When contact is made with the center the pulses become erratic and Jeibu eventually can't handle it and shatters the rift.

A note about the rift's pull, for those wondering, is that it is purely a movement based pull. The pull itself creates no stun or hitstate, so the opponent can try resisting by walking/jumping backward.

Gejoct's normal [i]Dark Rift functions a little differently. It has a much smaller ball of dark energy and matter, but the pull's effect is stronger than Jeibu's. Also, Gejoct's Dark Rift is not blockable, it functions somewhat like a grab. Once the foe is caught, they fade to red and vanish. After a moment, the ball bursts and the foe flies out from the burst.

His Dark Rift becomes BLACK RIFT.
This version of the attack makes the ball grow from it's base size. The pull remains the same. In this instance, when the foe is caught, the ball swells up and the screen goes black, with the foe appearing in the middle shortly before Gejoct appears to finish the move and phase out the rift.

SO... yeah. Trying to figure out exactly how I wanna roll out these super mechanics. But if anyone has any feedback and such, do tell.

Different Super Attack Concept: Interested in feedback too


27 February 2014 at 13:40:33 MST

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    Being new to fighting games (embarrassingly so,) it was pretty awesome that you outlined how both of the systems worked. The T.O.P. system you mentioned actually sounds pretty damn cool for activating the Fierce state. It creates a risk/reward factor. Like, 'I can totally use this and deal some heavier damage, or unleash a Fierce'd special, but I might get myself killed in the process.' I kind of like that idea. That's just me, though. Either way, Fierce mode sounds like it's going to add a hell of a dynamic to the game.

    If you go with using the lifebar, will you be able to use it until you're out of health, pretty much? Or just once per round?

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      *Being new to fighting games -- meaning, I'm new to them. Yours will be one of the first I've played, which is part of why I'm looking forward to it so much!

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      The way T.O.P. worked, to explain further, when you pick your character, you would select the portion in your lifebar where you wanted to the T.O.P. range to be, and you could select the size of it, smaller sizes giving you a much stronger buff, but also making it easier to fall out of. Most competitive players usually just used the default (largest) size and put it in the middle of their lifebar. The reason being that if you took damage past it, they could still try to "just defense" back into it (since doing that gave you a little health back.)

      Health in the T.O.P. range would also slowly regen. I'm debating if I should do something similar to this. I like the idea, but I don't wanna just copy it, either. Then again, the T.O.P. thing didn't effect supers, just damage (and gave the character an extra special attack they could freely use while in that range.)

      I'm thinking that not all characters would get the same added buff/utility though. I'm thinking they'd all get a unique effect. I'm just still not sure how I wanna handle the activation for it.

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        Ahhh, that explains a lot! I was actually completely misunderstanding it, then. I had thought that you actually sacrificed a section of your lifebar, rather than needing to be in a certain range. That's interesting... and defending in that game gave you health back? That game must have been pretty damn cool, but really hectic!!

        I don't think you'd be copying it per se. Knowing you, you'll find a way to make the system unique -- and I don't just mean effecting supers. With characters and a setting as deep as you've got, you can probably dig into the mythos of your world and find something to make it very much its own thing. This is especially true if you're thinking of having it be different between the characters. Their backstories and lineages might hold the key to what it does for everyone. I guess the way to test it would be to try a bunch of methods and see which one is the most fun, when play-testing, huh? I don't really know much about game design, but I really like the ideas you've got flowing so far!

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          Well, the way Garou's healing worked was that you had to do a "Just Defense." You got that by guarding just before you get hit. It'd give you like, 3% of your health back. Similar to Street Fighter 3's parrying, but you did that by tapping forward (or down for low attacks) before you get hit, but that gave you more super meter mainly (as well as a frame advantage for counter attacking, but just defense did that too).

          I'm thinking of doing something similar with blocking at just the right time, but I'm not sure, I don't wanna overload defensive mechanics, since I have rolls and dodges too, and guard cancelling abilities. Plus I think I'm gonna keep that sort of thing for counter-special focused characters.

          Also, thanks. o.o Like, about my characters and such. Means a lot. It's kind of a fear of mine that people might not like my characters (or like them for other reasons from the occasional adult drawings of them). I mean, I kind went on about that in a journal a little while ago. Still, thanks! I'm glad you know you're enthusiastic.

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            Oh wow, that sounds like a deep system, honestly. o.o; I remember boyfriend talks about Street Fighter 3 a lot ( I think Third Strike's the one he mentions, it's his favorite fighting game ) so learning that there was another system like that out there is really cool. It's also kind of cool to think you might use a similar system -- at least, if you feel it isn't making it waaaay too defensively focused, or makin' any of the characters too same-y. I reckon that's going to be another thing you'll find out in playtesting.

            You're welcome, also! I could tell from your drawings (especially the ones with detailed backgrounds!) and your character descriptions (especially on their theme songs, and by the tones of the songs themselves) that you've devoted a lot of time and work to the world of your game. It isn't just 'here's some dudes/chicks, watch them fight stuff!' It feels like there's going to be a lot to digest here, and honestly, I really like that. That's something that can be really really awesome by itself, but even more awesome when its tied into gameplay. I can understand that fear, honestly, too. I'd feel the same way in that situation (like, say, if I could draw, and my game was ever actually going to be made.) I'd very likely end up in that exact situation... More than very likely. I would. XD I could identify with a lot you said in that journal, in fact. @~@ I'm just glad you're willing to push on and keep creating, and you're gettin' over those fears! :D