Fantasy OC/Outfit Contest by Vocol

There will be 2 first place winners for this and a 2nd place winner.

I am going to, most likely, write a new story about a fantasy world. Think Skyrim mixed with World of Warcraft. Powers like WoW, layout more like skyrim. The clothing, surprise me. There will be 3 main characters at the start of it. One of them is crazy, one of them is strong and a little full of himself/herself, and the other is a sort of nerd like character whom knows a lot about everything and comes up with the plans.

What I want:
Human Like
male and female characters
Maybe an animal form
clothing ideas

Your Options:
1. You do not need to draw people, you can simply design clothing if you'd like
2. Draw the actual characters

1. You may use bases
2. Whatever designs I do not choose are yours to keep or sell.
3. You do not need to color the design.
4. You may sketch it out with pencil but clean it up enough to understand what it is.
5. Do not use creator games, those are designs someone else already made.
6. Do not name or give a bio to the character if you choose to create a character over clothing ideas.
7. You may draw one design but if you are chosen, you will only get 2nd place. I'd prefer two designs, that will ensure 1st place if chosen.
8. Don't feel like creating a character but using your own? That's fine too, have them try on the clothes kind of like a model but specify that the OC is yours and not part of the contest.
9. Submit as many as you like.


World of Warcraft:

When doing this, keep in mind it's perfectly fine to mix and match the outfit and combine ideas from both sides. Also, I would love a mixture of darker and colorful characters. Have fun!

1st Place Winners choose here (Choose two):

1. A design of a Radiant Lupus (Rare) or a Pudgkin (also Rare)
2. Full body, full detail and full background drawing
3. Two Badges

2nd Place Winner (Choose one):
1. Radiant Lupus (common) or a Pudgkin (common)
2. Full body, simple shading, no background drawing
3. One badge

April 21, 2014 (My birthday)

Radiant Lupus Common:
Radiant Lupus Rare:
Note: I will make a sheet for the Pudgkins so you can see rare and normal mutations.

Fantasy OC/Outfit Contest


26 February 2014 at 14:26:40 MST

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    I'm innnn!

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      Yay! so many people wanna join!! This is awseome!! :) It's the first time I've had a lot of people ask to join!

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    So they have to be human-human or just humanoid?

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      I'd like humans. you can use a base or even just design the clothings if you don't want to draw humans.