Digital Dimension by Samui

It's been eleven years since I first launched my site, which was known back in the day as "Digital Dimension". It was a Digimon fansite, just a simple, small thing, that eventually grew and changed to what it is today - a kitsune themed gaming community, for anyone and everyone.

I had a Digimon fanfic on the site, on which I only had one chapter. I've also had another fanfic I had been working on a year before that. I've written several chapters for the latter and posted them on my now defunct account, and have backups on a floppy disk. I stopped after the sixth chapter (though I had more on a hard drive that broke in 2004). I picked it back up in 2008 and 2009, revising it so it would be of better quality. I never got past the first chapter, and I kept revising it every year. This year is no exception, though my reason for revising it is different. I am actually /almost/ finished with the second chapter, and when I got halfway through it, I've decided to change a couple characters' partner digimon.

So, I posted the updated first chapter here today, and I will have the second chapter up very soon. I would like to get some cover art made for the story made at some point. I just need to decide what I'd want for it.

Digital Dimension


25 February 2014 at 14:33:21 MST

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