Gratefulness // Freebies by CrypticSorrow

For my first journal entry I want to thank to everysingle one that have fav'ed and followed me. It makes me feel all giddy inside that you all like my work.

Today realized I have 50 followers so to show you love to you guys I will open up 3 request/freebie slots, will be only sketch ( headshot or 3/4 but you may choose if you want it traditional or digital --if trad I will send the piece of paper to you-- ).

This will be handled as a short guessing game only for my followers.
If you are interested on getting one just select one number between 1-40 and comment in this journal along with the character you would like and 3 words/elements of inspiration/ that represents your character.
I already have chosen the three numbers and will only comment on the three followers that got it right.

This will be open until all three slots are snatched up. If by the end of the week the numbers haven´t been guessed I´ll choose myself those that I would like to do between those who have posted up.

Thank you for reading.



a) Cynicalspirit
b) CheezyedPoof
c) Alphaheart

Update 23-3-2014

Sorry for not updating this in a proper closure, ahem it was mainly because of irl situations and my lack of motivation over things plus I intended to do a more proper revision of the sketches since I wasn't 100% happy with them when I checked it again aaand at the end decided to turn them into fullbodies.

here is the final product

Freebies No.1

Thank ya all that participated!


Gratefulness // Freebies


25 February 2014 at 07:59:30 MST

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    First off, grats on 50 followers! Here's to many more down the road!

    Hmm, well I'm terrible at guess the right number games (like horribly so, lol) but I'll try anyway!

    Number: 8
    Reference/character of choice: Whisper my wolfcat (can provide better refs as need be, just keeping it simple for now)
    3 words that represent her: fiery, stubborn, playful

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      woah srsly first one and you got it right xD

      8 is one of the three numbers I selected.

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        -gasps- seriously?! Wow, today must be my lucky day! 8 is my lucky number, that's why I went with it, haha.

        Let me know if you need any better/detailed refs and thank you again!

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          Could be!

          will message you later today when I get home xD

          and 8 is one of my fav numbers pfffttt

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    Congrats on the 50 followers Cryp! And you're very welcome since well yeah- I'm one of those who just followed you! ;D

    My guess of the number: 25
    Character Reference(s): (The character has a new update so message me whenever and I'll give you a verbal update on this character- the MAIN reference sheet has yet to come)
    3 Words: Aggressive, Loyal, Brave/Fearless

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    Firstly many congrats! You deserve it...your work has a vert whimsical and organic quality that is so easy to admire! ^^

    That said I will guess 15 for my number, and should it be correct I'd love something od thia gal...

    Words to describe her would be free spirited, dreamer, and thoughtful! That said, here's to many more future watchers for you, and cam't wait to see more of your work!

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    I shall guess... number 16!

    50 is a great milestone, congrats on so many, though it's not surprising since you totally deserve it!

    3 words that represent her are: Compassionate, Adventuresome, and Mischevious

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    uhh psssh
    (wow, congrats on 50 followers, btw!)
    Number........ 27?
    I dunno.
    My character Sigmund Da Bearrrrr
    Characteristics: Lazy, Powerful, and Calm. (he's a... subdued bear. X333)

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      ooohohoho you guessed right!
      27 is one of the 3 numbers vuv!! updates the list

      would you like for the sketch to be traditional or digital?

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        Haha wow. oAo
        Sorry I took literally like 17 million months to respond, I've been having a buttload of computer problems.
        If it's not to much trouble, digital? :33 Danke!