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I do my traditional badges in batches of 4 and I only got 1 order from FC, so I need 3 more to fill the space! I pretty much only offer my badges to those attending the conventions I also attend, but for these 3 special slots the badges can be picked up at BLFC OR can be shipped anywhere! (Shipping costs apply)

This is a RARE opportunity to get a badge from me no convention required!
Traditional badges are done in marker and colored pencil. They are then laminated and come with a badge clip. You are shipped the ORIGINAL artwork; these are one-of-a-kind!


BUST BADGE (anthro or feral): $45
FULL BODY BADGE (feral only): $50

Feather wings are +$5
Extra limbs, heads, or tails are +$5-$10

Shipping to anywhere in the US is +$5. Canada is +$9. Worldwide is +$18. Traditional badges MUST be shipped or picked up at BLFC; no digital-version only.
Payment through Paypal only.

Comment here if you want a slot, and I'll send you a note (or comment with your email and I will email you) with a form for you to fill out, and where you can send the payment.
I will not start the sketch until I receive payment!
Please do not ask for a slot if you cannot pay within 3 days or your slot may be forfeited.

  1. VesperTigyote
  2. JollyJackal
  3. Binary Fox

CLOSED thanks everyone!



24 February 2014 at 15:15:57 MST

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    I would be very interested in a slot!

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      Great thank you! I'll send you a PM and put you down :D