Taking the Iron Artist Challenge by Dmitry

Well, I've decided to do it finally. I need the practice and what better way to sharpen by anatomy/sex drawing skills than to take on this challenge.

I'm giving myself 90 days to do this challenge, so that's just a bit over 1 drawing a day.

I will be drawing whatever I want to draw and they will all be sketches. If you would like to be part of the challenge, you can check out my commission info here--> https://www.weasyl.com/journal/39278/5-sketch-commissions-open-3-slots-open

Wish me luck and send me lots of comments! I want to hear from you!


Taking the Iron Artist Challenge


24 February 2014 at 13:13:50 MST

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    I really really really want to get something from you, especially since you're open, but I just don't know what. x_x

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      Just let me know! More than likely I'll be open for a while. I don't have a herd of people waiting...lol

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        I will! I'm tempted to get one of my fox showing off, just 'cus haha.

        This is totally an unsolicited opinion, but it might help to drive some more interest if you offer some examples of more complete work rather than just sketches... because really, it's a travesty that you only have 7 followers right now, it doesn't make sense with your quality and subject matter. Getting some inked and even flat colored pieces in would do you a lot of good!

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          I'm actually gonna work on that this week. I'm on break from school for a week, so I'm going to break out my colored pencils, pens and possibly even some paint.