Might stream tonight ~ Not totally sure yet. by whiteicepanther

Hey figured I'd mention it.

I haven't fully decided if I am streaming tonight. It'll depend on how much other stuff I get done first (ex: animation prep work so I can finally finish that thing I started & then restarted months ago).

If I do stream, it's probably going to start somewhere around 6pm EST possibly later like around 7pm EST.

I'll either be working on a painting, character sketches, or commissions. I'm going to offer the same sale as last time, though I might tweak how it works just a bit. But it'll be a flat $10 for a colored sketch of a single character.

I'll post another journal if I do decide for sure to stream tonight. If I don't stream tonight, there is a good chance I'll be streaming late at night a couple times this week. I'm thinking Friday for sure unless something comes up.

So keep an eye out! :D


Might stream tonight ~ Not totally sure yet.


23 February 2014 at 10:59:36 MST

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