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A Day In My Life by Dustmeat

Every day I wake up around 8 and pull out my earplugs. Noisy neighbors are already up and slamming doors. Then I have Cheerios with honey and drink black tea and read Dear Abby. Before going to work at noon, I watch Netflix and check the internet to make sure it's still there.

Then I work my full shift at the rest home. Right now they have me in the dining room serving lunch and dinner, which is fairly waitress-like. But free meals make it worthwhile...sometimes. I get to chat with people and it's plenty of exercise so I should not complain.

I come home after 7 and thankfully it's a short commute. Again I check the internet to make sure it's still there. I read a book or work on my Spanish using the iPad. Watch very little television. Talk to friends using Skype. Bath and bed after 10. Chase the cat out from under the bed.

Think about art and fall asleep.

A Day In My Life


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    Sounds pretty... ordinary, which I guess is the point? At least you don't totally hate your job, or have to shoot your way back to your place after dark or anything like that I guess. I think a "day in the life..." for most people would be pretty mundane, but still kind of interesting to hear what someone goes through on an average day though. Thanks!

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    It's sad though that you don't get a lot of art-time in your days. Is it the mental grind that is too wearing?

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    I used to help out at many of the home my mom worked at....though I mainly worked in back or plated up the food. Free meals are always a nice perk.

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    Routine can be comforting. Shame about the noisy neighbors though.

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    It sounds like you have more in common with Candi than I expected. =p

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    Funny how we all think more about art than actually doing it now a days.