Free stuff-bases by Iko

I've been peeking around and wondering what I could do to spread some good vibes to other people. Spring is so close and I'm very ecstatic to get up and get moving, to shake off the funk of winter. People always love free things but I don't have time to do custom free stuff for each and every one of you. So this brings me to my question. Should I do some free bases? What species, what genders, what body types would you like to see? Gimme your opinion, lemme hear ya'll!

Free stuff-bases


22 February 2014 at 20:02:30 MST

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    Maybe deer wolves. You know, those wolves with the deer antlers?

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    Taurs can be fun.

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    Bikini bunnies on the beach <3 Spring is getting here, time to come out of the hollow and play!

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    Ummm, weasles? birds like robins and blue jays ummm great danes?

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    Female and Male Canine/Feline bases of varying body types (Thin, Athletic, Chubby, etc.). Or even some reptilian/avian bases would be neat. Also, i like Sibhusky's idea for taurs :3

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    I'd suggest covering the "basics" first, male and female foxes, wolves, cats; those three species make up the bulk of the fandom.