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Badges n Sketches n Sketches n Badges! by huskie666

Hay guys,
I have a few commission slots open for Nametags and Free-Style (style emulation or themed; read MLP, Adventure Time, etc.) badges over here:

Also, i will be opening for colored sketches (like this colored ballpoint sketch and now offering colored aquarelle sketches) TOMORROW, Saturday, Feb 22 over at Huskie-Commissions

Im sorry i havent had much time for personal n work lately :C trying my best to save up for things and commissions are what i do for income.. Redbubble does help tho so any and all sticker, print or tshirt purchases are much appreciated!

I also have a ton of random stuff up on eBay:

Going to be taking next month to prep for Furthemore and concentrate on working down my queue - ive been getting better with most turnaround times though, as expected, mediums or subjects that require more concentration and attention to detail take me a few months.. which is STILL better than what it used to be :D plus sketchbook commissions - personal art just has to take a back seat, im afraid..

In case anyone was curious, my prices and queue can be found here:

In April i will be taking new marker commissions, not sure what date yet but probably earlier than later.

As for conventions, tbh its probably just going to be Furthemore and FAUnited for me this year :/ i just cant attend more and if i acquire puppy, that is going to take precedent before anything else. Sorry ;.;

Alright, that is all - thanks for reading and have a great day! <3

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Badges n Sketches n Sketches n Badges!


21 February 2014 at 06:31:33 MST

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    I am interested in a sketch commission with two characters if you're interested ^^

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      Ohai! ^.^
      Sure - please note me the details over on FA and i'll pencil ya in!
      Thanks so much <3