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Okie doke, custom cuttlefish open! by LarkspurDragon

Yeah, you heard me!

With the design of the mini cuttlefish (referred to from now on as "cuttlebuddy" or simply "buddy") finalized, I'm now ready to start taking custom orders.

I've updated my front page to reflect this, but here are the prices:

Single-color or single-print cuttlebuddy: $20


Customized cuttlebuddy: $25


Order a second cuttlebuddy at the same time as the first and it's only $15, regardless of if you want it customized or not! (Stipulations: If your first cuttlebuddy is a single color, I will not customize the second at the lower price. If the first is customized, go wild on the second!)

Shipping for 1 or 2 buddies is $8 anywhere in the U.S. I will gladly ship internationally but we will work out the shipping cost together.


For every cuttlebuddy you have a few options.

  • Eyes: What color do you want them to be? They can be clear like in all the examples or I can easily paint the eyes to look like whatever you want.
  • Arms: Do you want long and curly like in the single-color examples, or short and stubby, like in the customized example? They are the exact same amount of work for me, so it doesn't matter which you choose.
    • In addition, because males have 4 pairs of arms and females only 3, you can choose whether to have a male or female cuttlefish. If you don't care, I'll make a male because that is how my pattern is set up.
  • Colors: I have tons of solid colors and lots of balls and skeins of variegated yarns, so let me know what color(s) you have in mind.
    • For the customized cuttlebuddy, any of the following can be separate yarns: head, mantle, fin, tentacle, and arms. Each arm can be a different color, too.
    • If you'd like, you can request a specific yarn. I'll check to see if I have it and if not, I'll order a skein. If the yarn + shipping is less than $5, there's no charge for this convenience. Otherwise, I'll add the price of the yarn + shipping (minus $5) to your total.
    • Some good acrylic yarns include "I Love This Yarn"; Loops and Threads Impeccable; and Red Heart Super saver economy, Soft, Kids, and Classic though you're by all means welcome to choose a different brand.

Interested? Shoot me an email at larkspurdragoncommissions AT :D

Questions? Ask away! I'm very friendly.

Okie doke, custom cuttlefish open!


18 February 2014 at 16:38:57 MST

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    Yes <3 When I figure out just want I want to get.... You shall be hearing from me. This is perfect for my boyfriend for our anniversary.

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    Oooooh gosh I would love one. some day, some day!