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Do or Die by Chewbacca

I posted this back on dA
but I don't know where my mind was at. so anyway here's the old message.

wow I've been livestreaming with my webcam on this whole time???
I was so confused why my camera light was on during that time...

oh lord.
Now you all got to stare at my blank ogre face.

Anyway, tat guy called my mom's cell so I missed the call, but he left a message and wants me to call him back tomorrow.
Basically interview day. He wants me to bring in some physical sketches, but since they are all in storage back in New Mexico, I guess I just have to bring my laptop and dissect my work back into layers, just to show the process of my work.

Wish me luck guys ._.

(New message)

So I called him today, and basically with my difficult schedule I'm trying to take Friday off so we can do this interview, because today he was booked. Unfortunately no one has called me back yet to take my Friday hours. They got the rest of this day or tomorrow to make this happen. Otherwise I'm going to have to wait Thursday to let him know my next week's schedule is and see if he and I can work around that. Ugh I just don't want to keep him waiting. I explained to him over the phone as to what happened to us and why I don't have my art supplies and recent work with me.
Also explained to him that I'll be bringing in my computer to show a break down and a step by step on how I do my voodoo.
He says he understands my situation. Now it's only a matter of when my full time will be changed to part time once more. I applied for part time back in the 28th of January so by next week they have to pull down the job listings, because I at least offered up a months worth of full time. What's also holding me back is that since my cell phone doesn't hold a charge anymore I have to either rely on my uncle's or my mom's phone for now. Hopefully I can get one tomorrow. Another thing, driver's license. I felt stupid when he asked me if I rely on my mom. I told him for only transportation otherwise I'm bringing in the money for the family.
So I need to get my license soon so I don't have to depend of others to give me a ride at least when this fucking snow melts.
So cross your fingers guys. I need this Friday off. Now.
In the mean time, I'm inking up my traditional sketches like crazy just so Dave doesn't have to squint at my work to figure out what the fuck I even drew in that blobs of scribbles.

Also I found out so very bad news today from my dad.
My great great aunt had a tumor in her uterus and was bleeding from her vagina. They removed the tumor however she is now in a coma. I really do hope she wakes up soon. After all she has did for us in our troubling times back in Cali, fed us, lending her home to us a week here and week there. She is such a beautiful person, heart and soul. Loving.
I love her so much. I cannot even.

And also tomorrow my uncle Mike is going in for hip replacement surgery. My mom tried calling him today, but no go.
God just, what is up with today. Seriously.
I'm so tired now, I just feel sick to my stomach. It's in knots.

Do or Die


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