Almost LA Zine Fest + SNAKEBOMB by Saezerim

I actually wasn't able to make the actual zine fest, but G and I went down to meet up with our old buddy Jack of Snakebomb Comix. I'm so impressed with all the work he's been doing. If you enjoy really bizarre, surreal, violent, and/or wacky comix, you MUST check out the Snakebomb Comix anthologies or just any of the other awesome works in his store. I highly recommend Tom Toye's Illogical Comics Dailies.

Also went and explored this fucking crazy Nazi Compound ruin in the woods. If you're in the LA area you should check it out; it's a sweet hike and it also has the most ridiculous staircase I've ever been on. Besides that, fuck LA, I fucking hate that place, it makes me so uncomfortable to be there. Too many people in the neighborhood.

I'm probably going to be kinda scarce on the internet for the next month or so, but maybe not? This place is very inspirational, but I have a ton of projects to work on, some album art and my band Moontrail finally booked some local shows for May and April. So nervous, so much to do.

Almost LA Zine Fest + SNAKEBOMB


17 February 2014 at 11:08:42 MST

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