Back from Katsucon! by Susiron

I'm back from Katsucon now and AHHHHHH it was a super pleasant experience ; u ;
My table felt kind of dinky compared to a lot of others, but I think I did pretty well for a first time and I really want to give it a go again and get better at it and make more print-worthy pieces so I can create a PVC pipe cave of artwork

NOW TIME TO HUNKER DOWN AND FINISH COMMISSIONS!!! Because I'm super sorry they got delayed;;

Also, now that the con's out of the way, I plan to work on setting up an online store soon. Everything I posted in regard to convention merchandise will be available from this future shop-- and more stuff as it comes! ; u ;

But commissions have top priority so yeah

Back from Katsucon!


16 February 2014 at 21:38:23 MST

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    Very cool. I'm glad you had fun and it all worked out.

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    I'm glad it all worked out and you had a good time! :'D

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    Just don't forget to sleep it off, conventions are exhausting, especially for artists (in a super fun way but). XD

    Your entire art ability is more print worthy than mine so go go setting up your Art Cave. 8D

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    Yeah, I agree that you should probably make sure to sleep enough - you just went to a con AND you're still sick. :C ALSO REMEMBER TO DRINK FLUIDS.

    I'm glad you had fun, though!

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    Ahh, I'm really happy it all worked out! :D

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    Glad to hear everything worked out, especially after the setbacks! Make sure you get plenty of rest-- I just got back from the one I went to and I crashed for ten hours last night without even INTENDING to, haha.