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Naturama Project 2014! Save the environment/animals with art! by Windmelodie

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Do you like drawing or creating art?
Do you offer commissions or want to start with it?
Do you love our beautiful nature or have a favourite animal?

So please use your skills and join the Naturama Project 2014!
(Here our website of the last year, we will update it these days for the new year: )

The Naturama project is a project, that collects artists from all nations to draw together commissions for our environment and the animals, we love.

At the end of the project, we donate ALL money (each cent!) to environmental organisations to help saving:

the last tigers
wild wolves
amazing birds of prey
sweet and helpless pets
otters and rare snow leopards
the marine diversity
the little but often forgotten wild bees
the bats
and this year as special animal the dangerours sharks!

2011 we started the Naturama Project and about 40 artists collected 1.800 Euro!

2012 we were about 87 artists and donated more than 3.000 Euro!

Last year 105 artists draw and create art, so we reached the goal to collect more than 4.000 Euro for our nature!

And this year...?

Become an active part in naturama and send a mail at: !

The project starts offically at 1st march 2014! Join us now!

Naturama Project 2014! Save the environment/animals with art!


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