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News: Friend Requests and Warframe by Karaken

Hola, como esta? No hablo Esponal.

Anyways, been a bit since I have put up a journal and my posting has been low. Reasons for this? I work a twelve hour, demanding job working at an ICU at a hospital and I will be signing up for college classes beginning in the fall semester, so just busy with work and gathering things. I have also been getting rather sick now-a-days, I blame all dis stress and such but I will be seeing the VA (Veteran Affairs) soon and maybe they can find what is wrong, among other things.

Anywho, two subjects Imma go over; Friend Requests and Warframe.

Friend Requests: This is a cool and neat function on the site and all, kinda feels facebookish to me but eh. Also, please do not send me a friend request unless we actually like..... Talk and all @ @ Random friend requests are weird ; A ;

Warframe: I have been playing this game a lot.... Like a lot lot. So much so that me and my friend, Arlyurl, have created a clan, the Clan of Moo. As such, Arly is the 'Moolord' and I am the second in command. We have a fairly nice Clan Dojo set up and we are looking for members to join. As such we already have a few; KaBoozle , MadHatterMonster , and Kanel from FA. Blitza will be joining as well it seems. If you are looking into joining our clan either send me a note or contact me on Warframe (username: Karaken) and I will get back to you. We are currently Shadow Clan Tier and can only have 10 members in total. If we see an influx of people wanting to join our clans, I will upgrade to a higher tier. Please only people that play regularly as going up in Tier causes an increase in expenses and such.

Stay Classy Weasyl~

News: Friend Requests and Warframe


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    Tempting. Very tempting.

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    Eternal Glory and Green Pastures to the Clan of Moo

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      I love you :P

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        And I you, honorable Moolord :3

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          Plays some Barry White

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    raises hand I play Warframe but I already belong to a clan. Tenno-VII.