Notification Page War Journal: February by chrisgoodwin

I have +3000 notifications now, and no useful tools for managing them, aside from scrapping them completely - which, of course, is not useful management at all.

I cannot access a particular category directly, and have to scroll and guess where it is... somewhere on the page. And when I do find a particular category I can't do anything to it as a group, but have to go to the bottom of the page to delete something, and then scroll back through the +3000 to find where I was again... somewhere... on the page.

And so on - you folks already know the rest... It's broken and monstrously unmanageable.

I've posted to the appropriate forums, to no useful response.

I've looked and saw that there is a redmine entry for chipping away at the problem with category specific nukes, but the redmine entry doesn't also address the issues specific to the social categories - and so would not help the full situation.

I can easily see who is following me, but I can't then do anything useful with that information, like follow you back with a simple "check all -> follow all checked" mechanic. A category nuke would not help with that situation.

I tagged this concern onto the redmine entry, since they seem to be pushing up the need for notification fixes.

But we will see. I still can't budge my notification page; it still laughs at my efforts. I've given the appropriate channels a try, but also have given up.

Do you remenber that most recent sitewide announcement that touted a few new changes; something about subcategories for folders, I believe? That's nice, certainly useful, but no formal mention of the two most pressing issues:

  1. Thumbnails - presenting useful information to the viewers
  2. The Notification Page - presenting useful information to the users

These are Core Issues. Not even a whisper of it on the front page update. Though I did see on redmine that the formal reason for upping the priority of the notifcation features is: "Priority upped due to salivating users. :)"

Which is perhaps telling.
I would consider these things fixes, not features.
I would consider the current notification issues as basic problems of a system ill-suited for growth - not features.
And I suppose I would consider my own perspective to be dour resignation to this broken system, without recourse - than salivating.

This is not to add a shiny new hood ornament, this is to bring a feeble system up to basic functionality. This is a desperately needed correction, not an optional addition to appease the hounds.

I would also suggest a fix of: "Priority upped due to frustrated users and critical site failure to handle a fortunate boom in membership with a certain amount of good will to squander as their legitimate concerns over core functionality are marginalized."

But I would hate for that bug (feature?) to take precedence over actually addressing actual issues, so I'll swallow my saliva.

We'll see how February turns out. Maybe I could be mistaken and salivation will help speed things along - will check back in on these issues for March, yay!

Perhaps we should all send in vials of spit.

Notification Page War Journal: February


15 February 2014 at 21:58:32 MST

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    Hey Chris. Just last night I realised that Weasyl's development was relevant to my specific interests, and applied to get involved with the dev team. And you're, like, my favourite artist in the world since forever. So if they let me in and I can (presumably) start attacking issues in an arbitrary order, I promise to unfairly bias my priorities in whatever way you'd like. It would figuratively be the least I could do. =^.^=

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      Unfair bias isn't required, I'm sure everybody with an axe to grind feels their issues are central to everybody's experience.

      I do think a case can be made for thumbnails and notifications being objectively Most Important - but ultimately the good of the site (in the eyes of those managing) should prevail over any particular person's singular whining point of view.

      If these issues are addressed, it should be because they are actual, important Problems, and not due to bias. That's how it should work, yes?

      That said, I'll still be whining because that's all users to a free site can do. Either stay and complain, or leave. So if you do make staff, you should expect to hear a lot of it from all corners :) It's not my job to tell you who to listen to, but it is my job as a general user to give feedback: both praise and complaints.

      Also, nice avatar :)

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        Well in the free and open source software world I'm coming from, the message that developers and project managers always have to try to communicate is that when people aren't getting paid, their efforts are going to go to some complex function of what they're interested in, the complexity of specific issues, guilt generated by complaints, how much more fun it is to write new features than fix old complex bugs, etc.

        Admittedly I meant to jump here from FA a couple of weeks ago but was too busy. I was only half-way through the process when I saw your post, so my experience with the breadth of Weasyl's functionality is close to zero. But since my work interests and furry interests and now your interests have all miraculously coincided within the space of 12 hours, and since I'd like to use all my power to keep the three aligned… :)

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    I could tolerate the cropped icons, with the belief they may change... I could deal with everything else for the sake of being able to tag my journals and to still be on a site within the Community, but then:
    Headsup to any other journal artists/bloggers on here: You can lose easy access to your journals if you post more than 50.

    My main medium is journals. Right now, I am figuring out how to locate journals I LOST access to because they fell off the list on the journal tab page, which only shows 50 at a time and gives you /no scroll bar/ or other button, to show you the rest of your journals.Thank gods they still exist in the system, you just /can't find/ them unless you remember something you tagged them with. This is severely irritating to me for this reason: this is content, hidden from the user that posted their content, uninformed that their content might become inaccessible due to the coding of the site. It is also an issue that you can not access quickly upon joining the site, nor know how to test, to see that this totally unexpected and unintuitive thing is even a problem that should be tested for. I have the feeling it is an oversight.

    I am still wondering if perhaps I am missing a way to access them more easily, but then if I am, it is easy for other people to overlook that way too. I am collecting all the journals and posting them with their links in reverse order of posting, and posting that list in another journal which I will link out on my front page. To make up for what the journal tab page should already be doing. I really hope they change this.

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      *if you delete a (less important) journal, another will roll back on the list.

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      I haven't bumped into this one yet, mostly because I haven't felt inspired to journal here until I can sort out friend/follower stuff, which I can't even begin to make headway on.

      So only 50 journals? What? That's like.. only once a week. And even then after that first year, you're out of luck.

      I don't understand that.

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        Also to be clear, the new ones display and push the old ones off the list, so people can still see the new ones but the archive function is destroyed. You should see how many I posted on my old blog in a single year. I can't deal with this. Either they got to change it, I have to Innovate, or I got to pack my tent up yet again and find a new home.

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          I wasn't planning on bringing over the vast majority of journal entries because they are mostly ephemeral bullshit or personal bullshit and so on.
          But I just looked at FA and it says 827 journal entries since 2009. Hmm.. I don't even know if I have 50 journal entries I would want to keep, but I'm also not a writer. I could see that being severely limiting for somebody who is. Ugh. It's like building an MMO that can't handle more than three people and two moving polygons. Issues of scale, please; issues of scale.

          Perhaps the idealized user this site was designed for doesn't have much to say nor many people to say it to? Otherwise it seems like you'll be bumping into glass walls and ceilings and obstacles left and right. Many of the issues I've been seeing that are Real Issues, seem to be around notions of scale.

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            Oh the "new" account I'd made on FA last year, Journals: 826
            Jan 5 - Feb 10 (I still drop a few off back there)
            Wow, I have one less journal than you in about a single year than your entire thing.

            The /Old/ FA account got so long it significantly lagged the page that lists these journals out in full, one over top of the other.
            Which is the FIRST issue I had here -- I use that fully posted format to ctrl+f down though my entire journal, looking for phrases and things. The tags help here, but the ability to ctrl+f though the entire body of the journal is important to me. But I didn't know if it was to anyone else, so didn't seem right complaining too loudly about it. I gave FA's ctrl+f ability up however, to use the tags here and be able to have my journals faved, two things which FA does not have. So that was fine. Then, I noticed how badly the text box lags on Weasyl journals, while composing them, after they get a certain length. This was annoying, but tolerable.
            Now this. This 50 displayed and no more. This is aggressively dumb coding.

            This is motivating me to go make my own site. But the sad thing is, here is where the community is. I host content on place like FA and Weasyl because the Community is comfortable, and there is an influx of unique and open minded people here. I just like furries and the fringe-folk that wind up here with them/us. Moving off onto an island, causes some stagnation.

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            Also, I used to read your journals over there.

            Main thing is, this is not primarily a blog site. However, people in our community do blog. Some more than others. I'd like to see that aspect get integrated into sites like this. Fury art sites are also, de facto social networking sites. Art and expression are so much a part of our community, these things get mixed together. They /are/ us.

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      Hi! Sorry you were having issues with the journals listing. This is an issue we were unaware of and have now created a issue for it on our bug tracker. Feel free to track its progress here:

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    Feeling your pain, so I put this together:

    Weasyl bookmarklets

    Two sets: one to jump you to the section of the notifications page you want (in the absence of on-page links), another to select and deselect all checkboxes in a single section (rather than the whole page).

    Hardly a panacea, but hopefully it makes the page a little more tolerable until there's an official fix. Let me know if it's any use, if there's a section I've missed, etc.

    Re thumbnails, do you use Photoshop? Perhaps I could put together a Photoshop action to generate and save a square whole-piece thumbnail for any given image...

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      Ouah! Thanks, will give this a try!

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      Mrff, I'm so dumb, I'm sorry. I can't make use of the bookmarklets :(

      I use Chrome, and the directions say to drag them to toolbar. I do just that and I'm instead taken to a web search for what I just dragged in.

      I don't see how I can save the links themselves as bookmarks?

      I'm sorry that I'm thick about this.

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        For Chrome you'd drag them into your bookmarks toolbar, which will automatically add them as a bookmark - NOT to your URL/search bar, which is what I assume you ended up doing, haha. When you drag it to your bookmarks toolbar, it shows up as a bookmark that says "Jump to _____" and then when you're on your notifications page, you can click on it to take you to that section.

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          Thank you! Sorted that out <3

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        Sorry - I should have written 'bookmarks toolbar'; just 'toolbar' is a bit ambiguous.

        It's as Quaggy says: click and hold, drag to bookmarks toolbar, and drop. Here's a screenshot. You should see a little plus icon or caret in the place when it's ready to drop.

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          omg omg zomg i got it to work omg you are my hero omg ;3;

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    I’m working on it.

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      I'm sure you folks are, and I know we all appreciate the effort. Sorry for the noise :)

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      Yeah, I just figured it out and put it to work! Moult is acesssss omggggg thanks for the pointer, as well.

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        I'm glad it could be of help!

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    yuss, this site clearly didn't expect anyone to have 3000+ followers to sort through :P things should definitely be addressed.