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Hi everyone!
Here is the Weasyl copy of my commission information!
You can also see more examples and information about my commissions over on my website, here!

But for those of you who'd like to do a little less clicking, I've compiled most of the information for you to view here in this journal. I've put copies of the policies section at the bottom of the journal. For information on Livestreaming, what sort of content I'm strongest at, and what I wont accept in commissions, you'll need to visit the website.

Commission Types & Examples:

If you've visited my website you'll have seen I offer a second set of commissions. They're experimental currently so I'm holding off including them here for now but you're more than welcome to request them.

General Styles and Types:
Sketches: $5 - $15 [example A]|[example B]

Flats & Colored Sketches: $10 - $20 [example]

Painterly Bust Shots: $20 - $30 [example A]|[example B]

Rendered Full Body Characters: $25 - $50 [example A]|[example B]

Full Illustration: $50 - $150 [example A]|[example B]

If you're interested in a type of commission currently not listed, leave a comment or send me a message! I'm open to other types.

Want to see examples of completed commission from the past? I have some on display over in my Deviantart gallery. Older ones are not uploaded and long lost on hard drives of old.

The Commission Process Breakdown:
1. Send me an email/note/message detailing what you'd like.
2. I'll respond and discuss what your idea, time it'd take to complete, the price, and payment options.
3. Once those details are agreed upon you have option of requesting a very basic sketch before paying.
4. I'll begin working on your commission as soon as the payment agreement as been fulfilled.

I wont request you pay until I'm absolutely ready to start the commission. If there are people ahead of you in the queue, I'll email you when I'm ready. Also be sure to check out the policies below.

Contacting Me:

To contact me about commissions feel free to use the private messaging system here on Weasyl. You can also contact me via note on Deviantart and FurAffinity.

If you prefer email, you can use the email widget on my websites contact page or simply send the email to whiteicepan at gmail.

Commission Policies:

Here is some information on how I operate commissions. Policies and wording are subject to change if something isn't working well.

General Rules of Thumb:
• Be respectful
• No adult content.
• By submitting a commission request you have agreed to the policies below - regardless of if you read them.
• Be clear when communicating what you want your commission to be, the less specific, the more free room you give me. Don't expect me to read your mind and know exactly what you want. I don't have telepathy.
• Provide reference images - 3 preferred but at least 1 is needed.
• If you desire for your commission to be printed or if it needs to fit a specific size or template, include this info in the commission request.
• I hold the right to reject or cancel a commission at any given time.
• Read the full policies so you know exactly what to expect.

General Policy:

The General Policy is an overview of how I run my commissions. They are in regards to personal commissions - work not intended for business use.

•Respectfulness is to be shared between all involved parties in the commission. I will fulfill the commission request to the best of my ability and attempt to complete it in a timely manor once it has been started - subject to real life interference and the level of work required. More detailed commissions will naturally take longer. I can refuse a commission if the commissioner is being consistently unruly or disrespectful.

•As the commissioner it is up to you to be specific about what you want. You must also provide at least 1, preferably 3 or more, reference images. You're welcome to include descriptive details such as the mood, general color palette, style, and so forth in your commission request. If you see a particular style of mine in my gallery you'd prefer, include the that information as well.

•If something arises where I am unable to complete the commission, I will notify the commissioner as soon as possible. The commission can either be postponed till it can be completed, called completed as it is and the difference refunded (if paid) or subtracted from the final payment. If it has not been started it can be abandoned, and if the commissioner has already paid, they will be refunded the amount that was received. A commission will only be canceled if something terrible occurs that prevents me from completing it, this is not likely to ever happen.

•Once a commission has been started, I will create a couple of sketches or thumbnail paintings of what the finished work will approximately look like for the commissioner to choose from. Whichever version is chosen, is what I will continue working on. I will not restart from the ground up or drastically change large chunks of the image if you change your mind past this stage. So be sure you are happy with what you've chosen. If you need additional thumbnails drawn it can be done, within reason. Also these will be more detailed than the optional free preview sketch.

•Depending on the size of the commission the commissioner will likely be asked to proof the work multiple times at varying stages. If I come across a key detail I am unsure of, I will email the commissioner and wait for a response. Complete redos on finished pieces will not be given, you'll be given chances to point out changes prior to completion so use them.

•For sketch commissions, the commissioner will be able to proof a very loose and undetailed version of their sketch and later a more flushed out version, possibly nearly completed depending on the level of complexity.

•Touch ups can be done on completed commissions if there are minor details that need tweaking or a small fix. But understand, I'm not going to touch it up forever and will probably limit them. (exception may be made for commissions used for professional business reasons).

•Upon Completion the commissioner will be notified and sent full HD, signed, dated, copies of the work. The finished work will be viewable online at my various digital galleries, though it may not be posted to all of them. If you wish for your work to not be displayed publicly, specify this in your commission request email.
*Commissioner’s copies are signed and dated by hand instead of being stamped with a watermark like the publicly displayed version.

Payment Policies:

There are currently 2 available payment options. Most pieces will qualify for both options with the exception of anything $10 and under. You are given the option of requesting a quickly drawn sketch preview. If you choose to do so, the first payment is to be made after you receive the preview, otherwise I will not move forward with the work.

OPTION A: Payments are to be made up front. The commission will not be created until after full payment is received. Payments are accepted through Paypal. Details for making the payment will be included in the response saying the commission is accepted. Everything under $10 must be paid upfront.

OPTION B: Everything $10 or more can be paid half upfront and half upon completion. If your commission qualifies for this option you will be asked to specify which payment option you wish to use. When the commission is completed you will be notified as usual; however, you will not get to see or receive the entire unwatermarked, full resolution, finished piece until the other half is paid. You will of course get to view a preview of the finished product, it just wont be the full size, HD, unwatermarked version.

•Generally I do not start work on a commission until the agreed upon payment has been received. But, I offer the option of having a quickly painted thumbnail or gesture sketch created before your first payment can be arranged. I will complete a couple of these within reason. However, I will not be run in circles without sight of being compensated for my time. In other words, don't abuse this part of my policy.

•Prints can be made available through and If I have the opportunity to create prints directly while avoiding a third party I will do so, but currently it is unlikely. Prints ordered directly from the artists will likely be cheaper than through Prices will vary upon the site the prints are offered on. Note: I do not full have control over the prices set on either site nor do I make much profit from the sales of images I upload. I have chosen to leave print prices at default for now on commissioned pieces on both Deviantart and Redbubble.

•Prices for commissions will vary per commission, unless stated otherwise within the individual commission details (ex: flat rate sales or Iron Artist challenges). Pricing is determined by the detail involved and time it will take to complete it.

•The work will be non-refundable upon completion. If something is to occur where the commission cannot be completed, the commissioner will be charged only in accordance to what was completed for the commission if they desire to keep what was made, the difference will be refunded. If the commission is unable to be created at all, a full refund will given. If a refund is to happen, the commissioner will be contacted before the refund occurs.

That bout sums it up!

For more information on things such as Livestreams, my wont do list, and more examples, visit my site!

Also, thanks for reading through this journal, especially if you read through the wall of text that is my policies section. I know it may seem a bit much but I'm just keeping my bases covered. Ultimately, I want to provide the best commission experience I can for both you, the commissioner, and myself.

Thanks again for stopping by!


Commission Information Journal~


15 February 2014 at 16:43:35 MST

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