Help with follows by Sanchi Sunpelt

Guys, people are just doing the same thing they do on. Just FA follow/watching the same users on a different site. What's the point? Help others out a bit here. There are more than just 5 or 6 good artists help show some love for them too. Whats the point of coming to a whole new site and watching all the same people, it's going to show the same thing that you've already seen. If you know you have 6000 watchers on FA why not share them with someone else here instead of the same people watching the same people all the time?

Help with follows

Sanchi Sunpelt

5 November 2012 at 04:48:07 MST

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    Oh, I don't know… I've got a few followers already, and I'm not even an artist. X) Just go around 'n make friends with people. Journals are a great place to do it!

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    These journals post publically huh?

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      Yep. :D

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    It might also be worth it to just throw around people who /can't/ be found on FA. Such as Renard and others who left the site. x3

    I think Gazpacho threw around the idea of weekly journals to advertise people on here. I'll have to check again.