Give me art streaming sites. by VinVulpis

So, I wanna know some good art streaming sites. Something that would allow me to stream cocks if I wanted to. Not that I plan to often, but I'd like to have to option, should I be in the mood to stream adult art. Mostly I'd like to stream some of my own random shits; my personal art and animation at times.

I actually have had a kind of a stage fright thing going on with streaming, with is partly a reason I haven't done it too often, aside from not managing my time the best to do it at good times. But I've generally had like a nervousness about being on the spot, but ima get over it.

Anyway, toss me ideas. Preferably, I'd want something I can embed to a webpage, but I suppose it's not critical.

Give me art streaming sites.


12 February 2014 at 13:44:16 MST

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    I'm pretty sure LIvestream has nothing against drawing mature art considering how many artists use it. I mean. They'd probably have an issue if literal pornography was being streamed or something but idk. That's what I use (moreso for movies/games than art anymore, haha) but yeah, two cents, etc