Augh, Marker Lust @_@ by Zannah

I want these. I want these with a lust that kind of embarrasses me.

I've never seen ANY set of Copics go on sale this cheap ($160 instead of $344). Much as I would love this set, I still can't swing that. It's an absolutely fantastic sale, though.

Augh, Marker Lust @_@


12 February 2014 at 11:22:07 MST

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    I have an entire untouched set of them, still in their wrapping. I thought I'd use them when I was attending art school, but I never did. They're great markers, from what I hear. It's just ink to me with a fancy brand name. I never saw the appeal of them. It's like shopping for American Eagle, when you can go to Target for the same thing at 1/3 the cost. Shrug.

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      I think my reason for wanting them is I've literally never had a chance to try them out. I have a full set of Prismas that have served me well for most of a decade, and no complaints about them. I don't really know how the Copics compare, though. The price has been too prohibitive for me to find out, and I can't justify the expense if it turns out I don't like them after all.

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    They're really worth the price in my opinion - I love those markers! The Prismas are super nice, don't get me wrong, but the Copics blend a lot more nicely (even without the use of the blender marker), and you can get much finer detail with the Copic's brush tip, and a really nice brush texture.

    If you watch @copicmarker on twitter, they will occasionally post pretty decent deals on sets of their markers. Otherwise, I tend to go out and buy like two to four at a time whenever I'm at an art store - it makes my wallet cry less that way, even if it IS a really slow and gradual way to build up a set.

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      Yeah, I'd really love to get ahold of some, but I hate buying things for myself. I'd probably have to save up specifically if I really wanted a set... or two... or three... @_@ Yeah, I should stop now.

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    Copic does make some lovely markers, yes...

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    Price already went up, showing as $277 for me... but that could be some sort of regional pricing thing.

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      Yeah, they only had one left in stock at the lower price. It went up again as soon as someone snagged it.

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    I totally want them <3