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Valentine's Special by TratserEnoyreve

Valentine Cards Ahoy

Hello everyone, I'd like to announce that I'll be doing V-day themed cards. For those who already know about my characters, feel free to comment with which ones you'd like to see drawn out. If you have no clue who any of my characters are [which is okay] you can suggest some pick-up lines that I could use in a card. The layouts are gonna be pretty simple, with focus on one or two characters in each with whatever silly thing they might say as a pick-up line and lines for "To:" and "From:" on the bottom. Each one will be about the size of a post card, with some a bit wider or smaller.

If you'd like to request a personalized card, I'm going to be charging $5 for black and white, $10 for flats, and $15 for full shading and coloring with simple backgrounds on all of them. You can also request different template sizes as well as if you'd like it to have the "To:" and "From:" fields filled in.

So, yeah, happy lovesick holidays, enjoy the chocolate festivities [or candy hearts if you're allergic to chocolate].


Valentine's Special


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    If I had money I would buy a million of these from you omg

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      You still have the opportunity to make suggestions... o3o

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        Just do cheesy pick-up lines like "Do you have a Band-Aid, because I scraped my knee falling for you?" or "Are you from Tenessee, because you're the only ten I see?" or "Do you believe in love at first sight, or should I walk by again"?
        laughs those are my favorite pick-up lines :^)